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In the interest of nano systems biology research and to facilitate community-based annotation of biological pathways (metabolic/biochemical, signaling, genetic and gene-interactions) related to nanosafety, we present to you a freely-available platform which allows you to add, edit and download known and novel published pathways relevant to this research. For new users interested in adding new and editing existing pathways we recommend following the HELP and USER guide.


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Egon Willighagen , Eric Weitz , Friederike Ehrhart , Penny Nymark , Linda Rieswijk , Kristina Hanspers , Jonathan Mélius , Martina Summer-Kutmon , Anwesha Bohler , Bart Smeets , Fernando Torres Andón , Denise Slenter , Marvin Martens , Finterly Hu , Alex Pico , JPM van Rijn , Andra Waagmeester , Tim Verbruggen , Laurent Winckers , and Elisa Cirillo .