Eicosanoid metabolism via lipoxygenases (LOX) (WP4348)

Mus musculus

This pathway is inspired by the Lipidmaps>Eicosanoids Pathway expended pathway display [https://lipidmaps.org/pathway/pathways_maps]. Eicosanoids are a large group of compounds metabolised from arachidonic acid (AA), either via cyclooxygenases (COX)[https://www.wikipathways.org/index.php/Pathway:WP4347], lipooxygenases(LOX)[https://www.wikipathways.org/index.php/Pathway:WP4348], or cytochrome P450 monooxygenases (CYP)[https://www.wikipathways.org/index.php/Pathway:WP4349]. This pathway visualises the second route, via LOX.


Eoin Fahy , Ryan Miller , Denise Slenter , Egon Willighagen , Eric Weitz , and Conroy lipids


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Mus musculus


Lipids and LIPID MAPS


Pathway Ontology

eicosanoid metabolic pathway lipoxygenase mediated pathway of arachidonic acid metabolism


Label Type Compact URI Comment
EXA4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03020037
LTA4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03020023
5,6-Ep-15S-HETE Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03060075
20-oxo-leukotriene B4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03020064
Arachidonic acid Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA01030001
15S-HpETE Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03060014
15S-HETE Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03060001
8-HpETE Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03060073
8S-HETE Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03060006
15-oxoETE Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03060051
LXA4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03040001
12S-HpETE Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03060013
12S-HETE Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03060007
12-oxoETE Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03060019
HXB3 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03090003
HXA3 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03090005
Trioxilin A3 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03090002
Trioxilin B3 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03090004
LXB4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03040002
LTB4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03020001
12-epi-LTB4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03020015
6-trans-12-epi-delta-LTB4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03020014
6-trans-delta-LTB4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03020013
LTC4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03020003
LTD4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03020006
LTE4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03020002
EXC4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03020031
EXD4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03020032
EXE4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03020033
20-hydroxy-LTB4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03020018
20-carboxy-LTB4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03020016
18-carboxy-dinor-LTB4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA01170145
11-trans-LTC4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03020020
11-trans-LTD4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03020021
11-trans-LTE4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03020022
5S-HpETE Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03060012
5S-HETE Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03060084
5-oxoETE Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03060011
15-oxo-LXA4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03040009
13,14-dihydro-15-oxo-LXA4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03040008
12-oxo-LTB4 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03020024
5S-HpETE Metabolite lipidmaps:LMFA03060012
Cyp4a10 GeneProduct uniprot:O88833
Lta4h GeneProduct uniprot:P24527
Mgst2 GeneProduct uniprot:A2RST1
Gpx4 GeneProduct uniprot:O70325
Cyp4f3 GeneProduct uniprot:Q99N16
Gpx1 GeneProduct uniprot:P11352
Alox5 GeneProduct uniprot:P48999
Mgst3 GeneProduct uniprot:Q9CPU4
Alox15 GeneProduct ncbigene:11687
Hpgd GeneProduct uniprot:Q8VCC1
Ephx2 GeneProduct uniprot:P34914
Ltc4s GeneProduct uniprot:Q60860
Cyp4a12a GeneProduct uniprot:Q91WL5
Cyp4a12b GeneProduct uniprot:A2A974
Cyp4f14 GeneProduct uniprot:Q9EP75
Cyp4f18 GeneProduct uniprot:Q99N16
Acox1 GeneProduct uniprot:Q9R0H0
Acox2 GeneProduct uniprot:Q9QXD1
Acox3 GeneProduct uniprot:Q3TAW3
Ehhadh GeneProduct uniprot:Q9DBM2
Acaa1a GeneProduct uniprot:Q921H8
Ggt1 GeneProduct uniprot:Q60928
Ggt5 GeneProduct uniprot:Q9Z2A9
Dpep1 GeneProduct uniprot:P31428
Dpep2 GeneProduct uniprot:Q8C255
Alox12 GeneProduct ncbigene:11684
Alox5 GeneProduct uniprot:P48999
Ptgr1 GeneProduct uniprot:Q91YR9 AKA Ltb4dh
Ptgr2 GeneProduct uniprot:Q8VDQ1 AKA Zadh1
Hpgd GeneProduct uniprot:Q8VCC1
Alox5 GeneProduct uniprot:P48999
Alox15 GeneProduct ncbigene:11687
Alox15 GeneProduct ncbigene:11687
Ptgr1 GeneProduct uniprot:Q91YR9 AKA Ltb4dh
Ptgr2 GeneProduct uniprot:Q8VDQ1 AKA Zadh1


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