Globo series sphingolipid metabolism (WP5305)

Mus musculus

Globoseries sphingolipid biosynthesis taken from Sphingomap. Solid conversion arrows are documented according to Sphingomap. Thicker lines are those reactions not found in Rhea. Dotted conversions are hypothetical, either not occurring or undocumented (Sphingomap details all possible permutations of a pathway to the final glycolipid) p Numbers are the sphingomap IDs, to be converted. Metabolites with a dotted box are hypothetical. These may or may not exist on the pathway to the final product as several different routes could occur.


Conroy lipids , Egon Willighagen , and Javier Millán Acosta


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Mus musculus


Lipids and LIPID MAPS


Pathway Ontology

lipid metabolic pathway globoside metabolic pathway


Label Type Compact URI Comment
type IV H Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502AI00 Sphingomap id 26
450 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502BN00
Para-Forssman x3b Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502AD00 S_id 20
414 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502BB00
443 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502BG00
405Sulfoglobotetraosylceramide Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0602AC00
142 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502AV00
447 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502BK00
438 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502BD00
136 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0601AG00
449 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502BM00
113 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0601AC00
446 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502BJ00
448 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502BL00
445 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502BI00
Galbeta1-3(GlcNAcbeta1-6)GalNAcbeta1-3Galalpha1-4Galbeta1-4Glcbeta-Cer Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502AF00
442 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502BF00
138 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502AS00
SSEA-4 antigen Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0601AB00
436 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502BC00
135 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0601AF00
Forssman antigen Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502AC00
110 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502AL00
globo-Lex-9 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502AH00 Sphingomap_id 25
GB3 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502AA00
SSEA-3 antigen Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502AE00 sphingomap id 21
132 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502AP00
111 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502AM00
137 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0601AH00
Galbeta1-3(Galbeta1-4GlcNAcbeta1-6)GalNAcbeta1-3Galalpha1-4Galbeta1-4Glcbeta-Cer Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502AG00 sphingomap id 23
441 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502BE00
Globoside IGB4Cer Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502AB00 S_id 18
140 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502AU00
114 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0601AD00
406SSEA-4 isomer Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0601AI00
444 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502BH00
403Globopentaosylceramide sulfate Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0602AB00
Type IV A antigen Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502AJ00
141 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502BA00
131 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502AO00
115 Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0601AE00
139Branched Forssman Metabolite lipidmaps:LMSP0502AT00
Fut2 GeneProduct uniprot:Q9JL27
Gbgt1 GeneProduct uniprot:Q8VI38
B3galt5 GeneProduct uniprot:Q9JI67
B3galnt1 GeneProduct uniprot:Q920V1


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