Mevalonate arm of cholesterol biosynthesis pathway with inhibitors (WP4189)

Homo sapiens

An analysis of the mevalonate branch of the cholesterol biosynthesis pathway, and a set of inhibitors directed against targets in this pathway. Inhibitors which have been found for Homo Sapiens are coloured red, those found for Rattus norvegicus orange. View more details on where these reactions in the cell take place at []. View the broader scope of cholesterol metabolism at [].


Denise Slenter , Egon Willighagen , and Jesse Vercoulen


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Homo sapiens



Pathway Ontology

cholesterol biosynthetic pathway altered cholesterol biosynthetic pathway


Label Type Compact URI Comment
(+)-Zaragozic acid Metabolite chebi:83934
dimethylallyl-PP Metabolite wikidata:Q417398
6-fluoromevalonate 5-diphosphate Metabolite wikidata:Q27074009
L-659699 Metabolite pubchem.compound:6440895 Only found for Rattus norvegicus. L-659699 is a.k.a. (E,E)-11-[3-(hydroxymethyl)-4-oxo-2-oxytanyl]-3,5,7-trimethyl-2,4-undecadienenoic acid
rosuvastatin Metabolite wikidata:Q415159
Cinnamic acid Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0000567 Only found for Rattus norvegicus.
2-fluoromevalonate 5-diphosphate Metabolite wikidata:Q27071897 Only found for Rattus norvegicus.
Acetyl-CoA Metabolite chebi:15351
zoledronic acid Metabolite wikidata:Q28852343
BPH-628 Metabolite wikidata:Q27075447
3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA Metabolite wikidata:Q27108899
acetoacetyl-CoA Metabolite wikidata:Q2639429
farnesyl thiodiphosphate Metabolite wikidata:Q27077283
mevalonate Metabolite wikidata:Q27109878
mevalonate-P Metabolite wikidata:Q27464491
mevalonate-PP Metabolite wikidata:Q45415198
isopenthyl-PP Metabolite wikidata:Q417403
geranyl-PP Metabolite wikidata:Q418125
famesyl-PP Metabolite wikidata:Q2699676
geranylgeranyl-PP Metabolite wikidata:Q774795
presqualene-PP Metabolite wikidata:Q27088444
squalene Metabolite wikidata:Q407560
cerivastatin Metabolite wikidata:Q423439
atorvastatin Metabolite wikidata:Q668093
lovastatin Metabolite wikidata:Q417740
simvastatin Metabolite wikidata:Q670131
CHEMBL39312 Metabolite chembl.compound:CHEMBL39312
CHEMBL39102 Metabolite chembl.compound:CHEMBL39102
Fluvastatin Metabolite wikidata:Q417942
3-hydroxy-3-methyl-6-phosphohexanoic acid Metabolite wikidata:Q27073729 Only found for Rattus norvegicus.
isoferulic acid Metabolite wikidata:Q27096447 Only found for Rattus norvegicus.
p-coumaric acid Metabolite wikidata:Q99374 Only found for Rattus norvegicus.
diphosphoglycolyl proline Metabolite wikidata:Q27077077
CHEMBL1160330 Metabolite chembl.compound:CHEMBL1160330
CHEMBL1160328 Metabolite chembl.compound:CHEMBL1160328
P'-geranyl 2-fluoromevalonate 5-diphosphate Metabolite wikidata:Q27088347
P'-geranyl 3,5,9-trihydroxy-3-methylnonanate 9-diphosphate Metabolite pubchem.compound:11650985 Only found for Rattus norvegicus.
NE97220 Metabolite wikidata:Q27087890
Risedronate Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0015022
NE58062 Metabolite wikidata:Q27087889
NE58018 Metabolite pubchem.compound:405372
BPH-608 Metabolite wikidata:Q27075443
BPH-675 Metabolite wikidata:Q27075451
BPH-629 Metabolite wikidata:Q27075449
BPH-676 Metabolite wikidata:Q27075453
BPH-628 Metabolite wikidata:Q27075447
BPH-608 Metabolite wikidata:Q27075443
BPH-675 Metabolite wikidata:Q27075451
BPH-629 Metabolite wikidata:Q27075449
BPH-676 Metabolite wikidata:Q27075453
BPH-830 Metabolite wikidata:Q27075459
CHEMBL24362 Metabolite chembl.compound:CHEMBL24362
sq-109 Metabolite wikidata:Q7392720
CHEMBL1208103 Metabolite chembl.compound:CHEMBL1208103
[1-(Hydroxycarbamoyl)-4-(3-phenoxyphenyl)butyl]phosphonate Metabolite pubchem.compound:44185382
CHEMBL1207858 Metabolite chembl.compound:CHEMBL1207858
Compound 13 Metabolite pubchem.compound:44185378 PMID: 19456099
(1-Methyl-1-{[3-(3-phenoxyphenyl)propyl]carbamoyl}ethyl)phosphonate Metabolite pubchem.compound:44185378
FDFT1 Protein wikidata:Q21108578
HMGCS1 Protein wikidata:Q21118293
HMGCR Protein uniprot:P04035
IDI1 Protein wikidata:Q21151146
MVK Protein wikidata:Q424031
FDPS Protein wikidata:Q21107439
PMVK Protein wikidata:Q22676988
MVD Protein uniprot:P53602
GGPS1 Protein wikidata:Q21106540
IDI2 Protein wikidata:Q21132842
GGPS1 Protein wikidata:Q21106540


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