Peroxiredoxin 2 induced ovarian failure (WP4835)

Mus musculus

This pathway summarizes the influence of reactive oxygen species on ovarian aging, ovarian failure and therefore female infertility.
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Bas Lahaije , Laurent Winckers , Friederike Ehrhart , and Egon Willighagen

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Mus musculus


Rare Diseases


Pathway Ontology: signaling pathway c-Jun N-terminal kinases MAPK signaling pathway

Disease Ontology: ovarian dysfunction


Label Type Compact Identifier Comment
Reactive oxygen species Metabolite chebi:26523
Estradiol-17beta Metabolite chebi:16469
Progesterone Metabolite chebi:17026
PARP Metabolite chebi:62913
Bax GeneProduct ensembl:ENSMUSG00000003873
Cytochrome c Protein uniprot:P62897 Somatic
CYP11A1 Protein uniprot:Q9QZ82 Mitochondrial
3Beta-HSD Protein uniprot:E9PXG7
JNK Protein ensembl:ENSMUSP00000023291
Caspase-3 Protein uniprot:A0A1B0GRX1
StAR Protein uniprot:P51557 Mitichondrial
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Peroxiredoxin-2 Protein uniprot:Q61171


  1. Peroxiredoxin 2 deficiency accelerates age-related ovarian failure through the reactive oxygen species-mediated JNK pathway in mice. Park SJ, Kim JH, Lee DG, Kim JM, Lee DS. Free Radic Biol Med. 2018 Aug 1;123:96–106. PubMed Europe PMC Scholia