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Data nodes without an identifier

The following DataNodes have no identifier: 11 (Exon I) (G2/M arrest) (Gamma-tubulin ring complex) (II) (III) (IV) (Metabolite) (VI) (Va) (Vb) (nuclear pore complex)

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Interactions found that involve Labels: 13 "Neurite outgrowth" with graphId df708 "unknown
function" with graphId deea3 "unknown
function" with graphId b9d10 "Transcription of 
INK4/ARF locus" with graphId a5914 "Molecular motor 
kinesin" with graphId ca959 "Axonal transport" with graphId b930a "Stem cell 
differentiation" with graphId a4cd6 "Neurite/axonal 
outgrowth" with graphId dcc7e "Alternate splicing" with graphId b38b3 "Melanocytes" with graphId e6301 "Dynein microtubule 
based molecular motor" with graphId b6905 "Formation of centrosomal
microtubule organising centre" with graphId d326a "Adenosine-to-inosine
RNA-editing" with graphId a75fd

Possible MIM translocation

Interactions between identical nodes: 2 "MAGEL2" ( and 
MAGEL2" ( "NDN" ( and 
NDN" (

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