WikiPathways WP2038



Data nodes without an identifier

The following DataNodes have no identifier: 3 (ICIS) (RhoGEF) (XMAP215)

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Interactions found that involve Labels: 9 "MT stability" with graphId aabf5 ""Dynamic
microtubules"" with graphId c02e7 "MT polymerization" with graphId f8497 "Delivery to
MT plus ends" with graphId e2458 "Focal adhesion" with graphId ce1a0 "Neurotrophins" with graphId eb7fa "+/- end
destabilizing" with graphId d4e02 "+ end growth
promoting" with graphId dc00e "MT catastrophe" with graphId e5807

Possible MIM translocation

Interactions between identical nodes: 3 "CLIP" ( and 
CLIP" ( "DIAPH1" ( and 
DIAPH1" ( "MAP1B" ( and 
MAP1B" (

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