TGF-beta receptor signaling (WP560)

Homo sapiens

The Transforming growth factor beta (TGFβ) signaling pathway is involved in many cellular processes in both the adult organism and the developing embryo including cell growth, cell differentiation, apoptosis, cellular homeostasis and other cellular functions. In spite of the wide range of cellular processes that the TGFβ signaling pathway regulates, the process is relatively simple. TGFβ superfamily ligands bind to a type II receptor, which recruits and phosphorylates a type I receptor. The type I receptor then phosphorylates receptor-regulated SMADs (R-SMADs) which can now bind the coSMAD SMAD4. R-SMAD/coSMAD complexes accumulate in the nucleus where they act as transcription factors and participate in the regulation of target gene expression. (source: [ WikiPedia]). Proteins on this pathway have targeted assays available via the [ CPTAC Assay Portal]


Nurit Gal , Thomas Kelder , Alex Pico , Martijn Van Iersel , Samuel Sklar , Kristina Hanspers , Irene Hemel , Eric Weitz , and Egon Willighagen


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Homo sapiens


CPTAC PancCanNet


Pathway Ontology

transforming growth factor-beta superfamily mediated signaling pathway


Label Type Compact URI Comment
TGFBR3 GeneProduct ncbigene:7049
ZFHX1B GeneProduct ncbigene:9839
TGFB1 GeneProduct ncbigene:7040
SMAD9 GeneProduct ncbigene:4093
JAK1 GeneProduct ncbigene:3716
MAPK9 GeneProduct ncbigene:5601
SMAD1 GeneProduct ncbigene:4086
RUNX2 GeneProduct ncbigene:860
TGIF GeneProduct ncbigene:7050
SKI GeneProduct ncbigene:6497
SMAD4 GeneProduct ncbigene:4089
BMP4 GeneProduct ncbigene:652
TNF GeneProduct ncbigene:7124
FST GeneProduct ncbigene:10468
FKBP1A GeneProduct ncbigene:2280
SPP1 GeneProduct ncbigene:6696
WNT1 GeneProduct ncbigene:7471
TGFBR2 GeneProduct ncbigene:7048
THBS1 GeneProduct ncbigene:7057 there are 5 types of tsp
LIF GeneProduct ncbigene:3976
NOG GeneProduct ncbigene:9241
LEF1 GeneProduct ncbigene:51176
ENG GeneProduct ncbigene:2022
SMAD6 GeneProduct ncbigene:4091
BMP4 GeneProduct ncbigene:652
SKIL GeneProduct ncbigene:6498
ZNF423 GeneProduct ncbigene:23090
MAPK3 GeneProduct ncbigene:5595
RUNX3 GeneProduct ncbigene:864
TGFBR1 GeneProduct ncbigene:7046
NFKB1 GeneProduct ncbigene:4790
SMAD3 GeneProduct ncbigene:4088
BAMBI GeneProduct ncbigene:25805
EP300 GeneProduct ncbigene:2033
SERPINE1 GeneProduct ncbigene:5054
SMAD1 GeneProduct ncbigene:4086
INHBA GeneProduct ncbigene:3624
LTBP1 GeneProduct ncbigene:4052
SMAD2 GeneProduct ncbigene:4087
STAT3 GeneProduct ncbigene:6774
TGFBR2 GeneProduct ncbigene:7048
MIR302A GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000207927
ZFYVE9 GeneProduct ncbigene:9372
IFNG GeneProduct ncbigene:3458
TGFB1 GeneProduct ncbigene:7040
JUN GeneProduct ncbigene:3725
SMAD2 GeneProduct ncbigene:4087
SMAD7 GeneProduct ncbigene:4092
FOXH1 GeneProduct ncbigene:8928
HRAS GeneProduct ncbigene:3265
CTNNB1 GeneProduct ncbigene:1499
TNF GeneProduct ncbigene:7124
FOS GeneProduct ncbigene:2353
TFE3 GeneProduct ncbigene:7030
EGF GeneProduct ncbigene:1950
STAT1 GeneProduct ncbigene:6772
CREBBP GeneProduct ncbigene:1387
TGFBR1 GeneProduct ncbigene:7046
SMAD5 GeneProduct ncbigene:4090
ITGB6 GeneProduct ncbigene:3694
LEFTY1 GeneProduct ncbigene:10637
LEFTY2 GeneProduct ncbigene:7044


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