Metabolism of T-2 toxin and HT-2 toxin (WP5425)

Triticum aestivum

new mycotoxin metabolism pathway


Egon Willighagen , Eric Weitz , and Javier Millán Acosta


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Pathway Ontology

toxic secondary metabolite metabolic pathway


Label Type Compact URI Comment
T-2 toxin Metabolite chebi:9381
HT-2 toxin Metabolite chebi:138861
3-acetyl-T2 Metabolite pubchem.compound:49796734
3-trans-feruloyl-T2 Metabolite pubchem.compound:165362807
3-trans-isoferuloyl-T2 Metabolite wikidata:Q125535949
HT2-3-glucoside Metabolite wikidata:Q125536588
15-acetyl-T2-tretraol-3-glucoside Metabolite wikidata:Q125536699
T2-triol-3-glucoside Metabolite wikidata:Q125536589
3'hydroxy-HT2-3-glucoside Metabolite wikidata:Q125536590
dehydro-HT2-3-glucoside Metabolite wikidata:Q125536591
HT2-3-di-(1,6)-glucoside Metabolite wikidata:Q125536762
HT2-3-di-(1,4)-glucoside Metabolite wikidata:Q125536763
HT2-3-malonyl-glucoside Metabolite wikidata:Q125536677
3'hydroxy-HT2-3-malonyl-glucoside Metabolite wikidata:Q125536679


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