Oxylipins pathways (WP5140)

Mus musculus

Oxylipins derived form AA, DGLA, LA, EPA, ALA and DHA


Friols , Egon Willighagen , Kristina Hanspers , Aishwarya Iyer , and Eric Weitz


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Mus musculus



Pathway Ontology

fatty acid biosynthetic pathway classic metabolic pathway


Label Type Compact URI Comment
11-HETE Metabolite chebi:138332
LA Metabolite chebi:17351
AA Metabolite chebi:15843
8-iso-PGF2alpha Metabolite chebi:34505
PGH2 Metabolite chebi:15554
TXA2 Metabolite chebi:15627
TXB2 Metabolite chebi:28728
PGE2 Metabolite chebi:15551
11b-PGE2 Metabolite chebi:140932
PGA2 Metabolite chebi:27820
PGB2 Metabolite chebi:28099
15-keto-PGE2 Metabolite chebi:15547
13,14-Dihydro-15-keto-PGE2 Metabolite chebi:15550
PGD2 Metabolite chebi:15555
PGK2 Metabolite chebi:165341
PGJ2 Metabolite chebi:27485
15d-PGJ2 Metabolite chebi:34159
11beta-PGF2alpha Metabolite chebi:27595
13,14-Dihydro-15-keto-PGF2alpha Metabolite chebi:63976
13,14-Dihydro-15-keto-PGD2 Metabolite chebi:72603
2,3-dinor-11beta-PGF2alpha Metabolite chebi:165323
PGF2alpha Metabolite chebi:15553
15-keto PGF2alpha Metabolite chebi:28442
6-keto-PGF1alpha Metabolite chebi:28158
PGI2 Metabolite chebi:15552
13,14-Dihydro-PGF2alpha Metabolite chebi:88346
6-keto PGE1 Metabolite chebi:28269
15(R)-HpETE Metabolite chebi:82627
15(R)-HETE Metabolite chebi:63989
15-epi-LXA4 Metabolite chebi:72789
15-epi-LXB4 Metabolite chebi:63991
20-HETE Metabolite chebi:34306
9-HETE Metabolite chebi:34306
5(6)-EET Metabolite chebi:34450
8(9)-EET Metabolite chebi:34490
11(12)-EET Metabolite chebi:34130
14(15)-EET Metabolite chebi:34157
5(6)-DHET Metabolite chebi:63974
8(9)-DHET Metabolite chebi:63970
11(12)-DHET Metabolite chebi:63969
14(15)-DHET Metabolite chebi:63966
15(S)-HpETE Metabolite chebi:15628
LXB4 Metabolite chebi:6499
15(S)-HETE Metabolite chebi:15558
14,15-LTE4 Metabolite chebi:63986
LXA4 Metabolite chebi:6498
8,15-DiHETE Metabolite chebi:88456
15-oxoETE Metabolite chebi:15559
12(S)-HpETE Metabolite chebi:15626
12(S)-HETE Metabolite chebi:34146
12-oxoETE Metabolite chebi:34151
8(S)-HpETE Metabolite chebi:34487
8(S)-HETE Metabolite chebi:34486
5-HpETE Metabolite chebi:91268
5-HETE Metabolite chebi:28209
5,15-diHETE Metabolite chebi:72867
LTA4 Metabolite chebi:15651
LTC4 Metabolite chebi:16978
LTD4 Metabolite chebi:28666
LTE4 Metabolite chebi:15650
LTB4 Metabolite chebi:15647
6-trans-LTB4 Metabolite chebi:63981
11-trans-LTD4 Metabolite chebi:140493
11-trans-LTE4 Metabolite chebi:72779
20-hydroxy-LTB4 Metabolite chebi:15646
20-carboxy-LTB4 Metabolite chebi:27562
DGLA Metabolite chebi:53486
9,10-EpOME Metabolite chebi:34494
12,13-EpOME Metabolite chebi:38299
9,10-DiHOME Metabolite chebi:72663
12,13-DiHOME Metabolite chebi:72665
9-HpODE Metabolite chebi:34498
9-HODE Metabolite chebi:34496
9-oxoODE Metabolite chebi:72842
9,10,13-TriHOME Metabolite chebi:34499
13-HpODE Metabolite chebi:91272
9,12,13-TriHOME Metabolite chebi:34506
13-oxoODE Metabolite chebi:72815
13-HODE Metabolite chebi:34154
EPA Metabolite chebi:28364
18R-HEPE Metabolite chebi:81563
RvE1 Metabolite chebi:81559
14(15)-EpETE Metabolite chebi:88457
14,15-DiHETE Metabolite chebi:88459
17(18)-EpETE Metabolite chebi:72853
17,18-DiHETE Metabolite chebi:88349
5-HEPE Metabolite chebi:140934
12-HEPE Metabolite chebi:88345
12-HpEPE Metabolite chebi:78909
15-HEPE Metabolite chebi:88347
15-HpEPE Metabolite pubchem.compound:6438853
5-HpEPE Metabolite chebi:145815
8-HEPE Metabolite chebi:157747
11-HEPE Metabolite chebi:131889
18-HEPE Metabolite chebi:72802
9-HEPE Metabolite chebi:89570
ALA Metabolite chebi:27432
DHA Metabolite chebi:28125
4-HDHA Metabolite chebi:72624
7-HDHA Metabolite chebi:72623
7-HpDHA Metabolite chebi:156049
11-HDHA Metabolite chebi:72794
11-HpDHA Metabolite chebi:156131
14-HDHA Metabolite chebi:137347
14-HpDHA Metabolite chebi:140279
Mar1 Metabolite chebi:165254
RvD1 Metabolite chebi:81564
17R-HDHA Metabolite chebi:91137
17-HpDHA Metabolite chebi:136113
17-HDHA Metabolite chebi:72637
PD1 Metabolite chebi:138655
PDX Metabolite chebi:138653
RvD2 Metabolite chebi:81565
10-HDHA Metabolite chebi:72640
13-HDHA Metabolite chebi:72608
20-HDHA Metabolite chebi:72615
15-HETrE Metabolite chebi:88348
8-iso-PGE2 Metabolite chebi:131888
5-oxoETE Metabolite chebi:52449
16(R)-HETE Metabolite chebi:34162
12-Keto-LTB4 Metabolite chebi:27814
19(S)-HETE Metabolite chebi:34185
Hpgd GeneProduct uniprot:Q8VCC1
Ephx2 (sEH) GeneProduct uniprot:P34914
Ptgfs GeneProduct uniprot:Q9DB60
Ptdgs GeneProduct uniprot:O09114
Ptges GeneProduct uniprot:Q9JM51
Ptgis GeneProduct uniprot:O35074
Tbxas1 GeneProduct uniprot:P36423
Alox5 GeneProduct uniprot:P48999
Alox8 GeneProduct uniprot:O35936
Alox12 GeneProduct uniprot:P39655
Alox15 GeneProduct uniprot:P39654
Fads1 GeneProduct uniprot:Q920L1
Fads2 GeneProduct uniprot:Q9Z0R9
Ptgs1/2 GeneProduct uniprot:Q05769
Ltc4s GeneProduct uniprot:Q60860
Lta4h GeneProduct uniprot:P24527
Ggt1 GeneProduct uniprot:Q60928
Dpep1 GeneProduct uniprot:P31428
GPX1 GeneProduct uniprot:P11352
Cbr1 GeneProduct uniprot:P48758
Hpgds GeneProduct uniprot:Q9JHF7
sEH Protein uniprot:P34914


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