Salmonella virulence regulatory network (WP5070)

Escherichia coli

Salmonella virulence regulatory network


Rikki Frederiksen , Finterly Hu , and Kristina Hanspers


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Escherichia coli



Pathway Ontology

regulatory pathway Salmonella infection pathway


Label Type Compact URI Comment
phoQ GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_1168
phoP GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_1169
ssrA GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_1326
ssrB GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_1325
barA GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_2939
sirA GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_1877
csrA GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_2806
hilD GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_2856
hilC GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_2847
rtsA GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_4251
hilA GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_2856
invF GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_2878
rcsC GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_2240
rcsD GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_2238
rcsB GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_2239
hilE GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_4440
envZ GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_3468
sicA GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_2865
ompR GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_3469
dam GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_3451
phoR GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_0393
phoB GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_0392
fadD GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_1747
RNAse E GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_1122
H-NS GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_3227
hha GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_3227
Fis GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_3358
ihfA GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_1273
ihfB GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_0919
slyA GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_1376
Crp GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_3433
flhC GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_1859
flhD GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_1860
qseC GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_3152
qseB GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_3151
fliZ GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_1884
rtsB GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_4250
clpX GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_0443
clpP GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_0442
Fur GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_0675
hdfR GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_3858
ydiV GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_1278
fliA GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_1885
fliC GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_1888
fliT GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_1891
flgM GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_1109
fimZ GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_0542
rflM GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_4274
dnaK GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_0012
lrhA GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_2299
pefI GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_P1_0092
srgD GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_P1_0093
yhjH GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_3576
csgD GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_1079
bcsA GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_3584
bcsB GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_3583
rfaH GeneProduct ensembl:SL1344_3931


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