Cytoplasmic ribosomal proteins (WP477)

Homo sapiens

The contents of this pathway represents the ribosomal proteins involved in translation. Proteins on this pathway have targeted assays available via the [ CPTAC Assay Portal]


Kdahlquist , Martijn Van Iersel , Kristina Hanspers , Christine Chichester , Alex Pico , and Eric Weitz


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Homo sapiens



Pathway Ontology

ribosome biogenesis pathway


Label Type Compact URI Comment
RPL37A GeneProduct ncbigene:6168
RPL10A GeneProduct ncbigene:4736 E. coli L1
RPL8 GeneProduct ncbigene:6132 E. coli L2
RPL3 GeneProduct ncbigene:6122 E. coli L3
RPL3L GeneProduct ncbigene:6123
RPL9 GeneProduct ncbigene:6133 E. coli L6
RPL12 GeneProduct ncbigene:6136 Also known as L16e. E. coli L11.
RPLP2 GeneProduct ncbigene:6181 E. coli L7/L12
RPLP1 GeneProduct ncbigene:6176 E. coli L7/L12
RPL13A GeneProduct ncbigene:23521 E. coli L13
RPL23 GeneProduct ncbigene:9349 E. coli L14
RPL27A GeneProduct ncbigene:6157 E. coli L15
MRPL19 GeneProduct ncbigene:9801 E. coli L19
RPL17 GeneProduct ncbigene:6139 E. coli L22
RPL23A GeneProduct ncbigene:6147 E. coli L23
RPL26 GeneProduct ncbigene:6154 E. coli L24
RPL35 GeneProduct ncbigene:11224 E. coli L29
RPL7 GeneProduct ncbigene:6129 E. coli L30
RPL4 GeneProduct ncbigene:6124 also known as L1e. No E. coli homologue
RPL6 GeneProduct ncbigene:6128
RPL7A GeneProduct ncbigene:6130
RPL13 GeneProduct ncbigene:6137
RPL14 GeneProduct ncbigene:9045
RPL15 GeneProduct ncbigene:6138
RPL18A GeneProduct ncbigene:6142
RPL18 GeneProduct ncbigene:6141
RPL19 GeneProduct ncbigene:6143
RPL21 GeneProduct ncbigene:6144
RPL22 GeneProduct ncbigene:6146
RPL24 GeneProduct ncbigene:6152
RPL27 GeneProduct ncbigene:6155
RPL28 GeneProduct ncbigene:6158
RPL29 GeneProduct ncbigene:6159
RPL31 GeneProduct ncbigene:6160
RPL32 GeneProduct ncbigene:6161 Also known as S22e.
RPL34 GeneProduct ncbigene:6164
RPL35A GeneProduct ncbigene:6165
RPL36 GeneProduct ncbigene:25873
RPL37 GeneProduct ncbigene:6167
RPL38 GeneProduct ncbigene:6169
RPL39 GeneProduct ncbigene:6170
UBA52 GeneProduct ncbigene:7311
RPL41 GeneProduct ncbigene:6171
RPL36A GeneProduct ncbigene:6173
RPSA GeneProduct ncbigene:3921 E. coli S2
RPS3 GeneProduct ncbigene:6188 E. coli S3
RPS9 GeneProduct ncbigene:6203 E. coli S4
RPS5 GeneProduct ncbigene:6193 E. coli S7
RPS15A GeneProduct ncbigene:6210 E. coli S8
RPS16 GeneProduct ncbigene:6217 E. coli S9
RPS20 GeneProduct ncbigene:6224 E. coli S10
RPS14 GeneProduct ncbigene:6208 E. coli S11
RPS23 GeneProduct ncbigene:6228 E. coli S12
RPS29 GeneProduct ncbigene:6235 E. coli S14
RPS13 GeneProduct ncbigene:6207 E. coli S15
RPS11 GeneProduct ncbigene:6205 E. coli S17
RPS15 GeneProduct ncbigene:6209 E. coli S19
RPS3A GeneProduct ncbigene:6189 No E. coli homologue
RPS4X GeneProduct ncbigene:6191 No E. coli homologue
RPS4Y1 GeneProduct ncbigene:6192 No E. coli homologue
RPS6 GeneProduct ncbigene:6194 No E. coli homologue
RPS7 GeneProduct ncbigene:6201 No E. coli homologue
RPS8 GeneProduct ncbigene:6202 No E. coli homologue
RPS10 GeneProduct ncbigene:6204 No E. coli homologue
RPS12 GeneProduct ncbigene:6206 No E. coli homologue
RPS17 GeneProduct ncbigene:6218 No E. coli homologue
RPS19 GeneProduct ncbigene:6223 No E. coli homologue
RPS21 GeneProduct ncbigene:6227 No E. coli homologue
RPS24 GeneProduct ncbigene:6229 Also known as L33e. No E. coli homologue.
RPS25 GeneProduct ncbigene:6230 No E. coli homologue
RPS26 GeneProduct ncbigene:6231 No E. coli homologue
RPS27 GeneProduct ncbigene:6232 No E. coli homologue
RPS27A GeneProduct ncbigene:6233 No E. coli homologue
RPS28 GeneProduct ncbigene:6234 No E. coli homologue
FAU GeneProduct ncbigene:2197 No E. coli homologue
RPLP0 GeneProduct ncbigene:6175 E. coli L10.
RPS6KA2 GeneProduct ncbigene:6196
RPS6KA1 GeneProduct ncbigene:6195
RPS6KA3 GeneProduct ncbigene:6197
RPS6KA6 GeneProduct ncbigene:27330
RPL11 GeneProduct ncbigene:6135 E. coli L5
RPL5 GeneProduct ncbigene:6125 E. coli L18
RPS6KB1 GeneProduct ncbigene:6198
RPL10 GeneProduct ncbigene:6134
RPL30 GeneProduct ncbigene:6156 Also known as L25e.
RPS2 GeneProduct ncbigene:6187 E. coli S5
RPS18 GeneProduct ncbigene:6222 E. coli S13
RPS6KB2 GeneProduct ncbigene:6199