Glucosinolate biosynthesis (from aromatic amino acid) (WP4598)

Arabidopsis thaliana

This pathway describes the glucosinolate derived from aromatic amino acid (Phe, Tyr, Trp) in Arabidopsis thaliana. This is based on the KEGG pathway and PlantCyc. Some pathway entities are unknown and being investigated, these are denoted as "Catalyst" and "Metabolite" for now.


Mikiko Takahashi , Atsushi Fukushima , and Kristina Hanspers


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Arabidopsis thaliana



Pathway Ontology

classic metabolic pathway


Label Type Compact URI Comment
L-Phenylalanine Metabolite kegg.compound:C00079
(E)-Phenylacetaldoxime Metabolite kegg.compound:C19714
S-(Phenylacetothiohydroximoyl)-L-cysteine Metabolite kegg.compound:C17237
Phenylacetothiohydroximate Metabolite kegg.compound:C03719
Desulfoglucotropeolin Metabolite kegg.compound:C01069
L-Tryptophan Metabolite kegg.compound:C00078
L-Tyrosine Metabolite kegg.compound:C00082
Benzyl glucosinolate Metabolite chebi:17127
Indole-3-acetaldehyde oxime Metabolite kegg.compound:C02937
S-(Indolylmethylthiohydroximoyl)-L-cysteine Metabolite kegg.compound:C16518
L-Homophenylalanine Metabolite kegg.compound:C17235
3-Phenylpropionaldoxim Metabolite kegg.compound:C17236
2-Phenylethyl glucosinolate Metabolite kegg.compound:C08417
Indolylmethylthiohydroximate Metabolite kegg.compound:C16516
Indolylmethyl-desulfoglucosinolate Metabolite kegg.compound:C16517
3-indolylmethyl glucosinolate Metabolite knapsack:C00000125
(E)-4-Hydroxyphenylacetaldehyde oxime Metabolite kegg.compound:C04350
S-(Hydroxyphenylacetothiohydroximoyl)-L-cysteine Metabolite kegg.compound:C17238
p-Hydroxyphenylacetothiohydroximate Metabolite kegg.compound:C17239
p-Hydroxybenzyldesulphoglucosinolate Metabolite kegg.compound:C17240
p-Hydroxybenzyl glucosinolate Metabolite kegg.compound:C08426
4-Hydroxy-3-indolylmethylglucosinolate Metabolite knapsack:C00000127
1-Hydroxy-3-indolylmethylglucosinolate Metabolite pubchem.compound:123131529
1-Methoxy-3-indolylmethylglucosinolate Metabolite knapsack:C00000126
4-Methoxy-3-indolylmethylglucosinolate Metabolite knapsack:C00000128
CYP79A2 GeneProduct
CYP83B1 GeneProduct
SUR1 GeneProduct :AT2G20610
UGT74B1 GeneProduct
SOT16 GeneProduct
CYP79A1 GeneProduct kegg.genes:K13027
CYP79B2 GeneProduct
CYP79B3 GeneProduct
SUR1 GeneProduct
UGT74B1 GeneProduct
SUR1 GeneProduct
CYP81F2 GeneProduct
CYP81F4 GeneProduct
O-methyltransferase GeneProduct
CYP81F3 GeneProduct
CYP81F1 GeneProduct
indole glucosinolate methyltransferase GeneProduct
CYP83B1 GeneProduct
CYP83B1 GeneProduct
SOT16 GeneProduct
SOT16 GeneProduct


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