Blood clotting and drug effects (WP4580)

Homo sapiens

Formation of a blood clot by arachidonic acid. This pathway also shows various stimulants/inhibitors that have an effect on the pathway, while also showing the two compounds which respectively cause vasoconstriction/vasodilation and inhibit/stimulate platelet aggregation.


Chris Gillissen , Denise Slenter , Egon Willighagen , Kristina Hanspers , Alex Pico , and Finterly Hu


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Homo sapiens



Pathway Ontology

coagulation cascade pathway


Label Type Compact URI Comment
Thromboxane A2 Metabolite chebi:15627
Prostaglandin H2 Metabolite chebi:15554
Coumadin Metabolite chebi:10034
Thrombin Metabolite chebi:9574
Arachidonic acid Metabolite chebi:15843
Prostacyclin Metabolite chebi:15552
Prothrombin Metabolite chebi:8583
Vitamin K Metabolite chebi:28384
Thromboxane A2 Metabolite chebi:15627
Fibrin Metabolite chebi:5054
NSAIDs Metabolite chebi:35475
COX Protein interpro:IPR038147
Fibrinogen Protein wikidata:Q381899


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