GPCRs, class C metabotropic glutamate, pheromone (WP42)

Rattus norvegicus


Christine Chichester and Eric Weitz


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Rattus norvegicus



Pathway Ontology

G protein mediated signaling pathway


Label Type Compact URI Comment
Gabbr2 GeneProduct ncbigene:83633
Grm6 GeneProduct ncbigene:24419
Grm8 GeneProduct ncbigene:60590
Gprc5b GeneProduct ncbigene:293546
Gabbr1 GeneProduct ncbigene:81657
Gprc5a GeneProduct ncbigene:312790
Grm1 GeneProduct ncbigene:24414
Grm4 GeneProduct ncbigene:24417
Grm2 GeneProduct ncbigene:24415
Gprc5d GeneProduct ncbigene:500349
Gprc5c GeneProduct ncbigene:287805
Grm5 GeneProduct ncbigene:24418
Grm7 GeneProduct ncbigene:81672
Casr GeneProduct ncbigene:24247
GRM3 GeneProduct ncbigene:24416


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