Phosphatidylcholine catabolism (WP4195)

Homo sapiens

Schematic representation of phosphatidylcholine catabolism. Formation of various metabolites formed from phosphatidylcholine catabolism, which are signaling molecules.


Denise Slenter and Egon Willighagen


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Homo sapiens



Pathway Ontology

phosphatidylcholine biosynthetic pathway phosphatidylcholine metabolic pathway


Label Type Compact URI Comment
acetylcholine Metabolite wikidata:Q180623
Stearoyl(18:0) CoA Metabolite wikidata:Q27124612
Acyl-CoA Metabolite wikidata:Q2699537
PC(18:0/20:4) Metabolite cas:35418-59-8 phosphatidylcholine = PC
sphingomyelin Metabolite chebi:17636
Lyso-PC(/20:4) Metabolite cas:108341-80-6
Choline Metabolite chebi:15354
FFA Metabolite chebi:35366 Free fatty acids
ATP Metabolite chebi:15422
phosphocholine Metabolite chebi:295975
CoA Metabolite wikidata:Q407635
Glycerol 3-phosphate Metabolite wikidata:Q26711901
FFA(18:0) Metabolite wikidata:Q209685
Lyso-PC Metabolite chebi:36313
betaine Metabolite wikidata:Q10860583
Lyso-PA(/20:4) Metabolite wikidata:Q27105014
PA(18:0/20:4) Metabolite wikidata:Q27146827 phosphatidic acid = PA
AA Metabolite wikidata:Q407699 arachidonic acid = AA ?
glycerol-phosphocholine Metabolite wikidata:Q28529699 In Figure spelled as glycerophosphocholine, in text as glycerol-phosphocholine
ADP Metabolite chebi:16761
PLD Protein eccode: phospholipase D
sphingomyelinases Protein eccode:
choline kinase Protein eccode:
PLA1 Protein eccode: phospholipase A1
Acyltransferase Protein eccode:2.3.1
PA-PLA1 Protein uniprot:D3K5P3
cPLA2 Protein eccode: phospholipase A2
PDE Protein eccode:3.1.4 a phosphodiesterase
LysoPLA1 Protein eccode: lysophospholipase
ACS Protein eccode: acyl-CoA synthetase
LysoPLA2* Protein eccode: lysophospholipase


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