Sulfate assimilation and copper detoxification (WP4173)

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Sulfate assimilation pathway in S. cerevisiae and potential interaction with copper assimilation and detoxification


Simon schmidt , Denise Slenter , and Egon Willighagen


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Saccharomyces cerevisiae



Pathway Ontology

sulfate assimilation pathway copper homeostasis pathway cysteine and methionine metabolic pathway


Label Type Compact URI Comment
PAPS Metabolite chebi:17980
SO4(2-) Metabolite chebi:16189
Cystathionine Metabolite chebi:17482
O-phospho-L-homoserine Metabolite chebi:15961
Ca(2+) Metabolite chebi:29108
L-homoserine Metabolite chebi:57476
sulfite Metabolite chebi:17359
copper sulfide Metabolite chebi:51110
O-Acetylhomoserine Metabolite chebi:7671
copper(2+) ion Metabolite chebi:29036
hydrogen sulfide Metabolite chebi:29919
cysteine Metabolite chebi:15356
copper(1+) ion Metabolite chebi:49552
L-threonine Metabolite chebi:16857
APS Metabolite chebi:17709
copper(1+) ion Metabolite chebi:49552
copper(2+) ion Metabolite chebi:29036
sulfite Metabolite chebi:17359
ADP Metabolite chebi:16761
3 NADPH Metabolite chebi:16474
homocysteine Metabolite cas:6027-13-0
ATP Metabolite cas:1927-31-7
adenosine 3'5'-bisphosphate Metabolite cas:3805-37-6
acetic acid Metabolite chebi:15366
pyrophosphate Metabolite cas:2466-09-3
NADPH Metabolite cas:53-57-6
ATP Metabolite chebi:15422
hydrogen sulfide Metabolite chebi:29919
3 NADP Metabolite chebi:44409
CYS4 GeneProduct ensembl:YGR155W
STR3 GeneProduct ensembl:YGL184C
FTR1 GeneProduct ensembl:YER145C
MET2 GeneProduct ensembl:YNL277W
THR1 GeneProduct ensembl:YHR025W
THR4 GeneProduct ensembl:YCR053W
FRE1 GeneProduct ensembl:YLR214W
SUL1 GeneProduct ensembl:YBR294W
STR2 GeneProduct ensembl:YJR130C
FET3 GeneProduct ensembl:YMR058W
CYS3 GeneProduct ensembl:YAL012W
SSU1 GeneProduct ensembl:YPL092W
ECM17 GeneProduct sgd:S000003898
MET14 GeneProduct ensembl:YKL001C
MET17 GeneProduct ensembl:YLR303W
MET3 GeneProduct ensembl:YJR010W
MET16 GeneProduct sgd:S000006371
MET10 GeneProduct sgd:S000001926