ATM signaling in development and disease (WP3878)

Homo sapiens

This pathway is modeled after Figure 4 in the article "The ATM signaling network in development and disease" (See Bibliography). When DNA is damaged, DDR begins to work on recuperating the damage through the appropriate cellular programs such as transcription, translation, etc etc. The ataxia-telangiectasia mutated (ATM) kinase acts as the main core of this pathway acting upon or receiving a lot of the reactions towards other gene products. ATM substrates use several different cell cycle checkpoints to determine the health of the DNA, and determine different types of disease/damage done to the DNA. The p38MAPK which is a reaction by ATM later leads to HSP27 which inhibits oxidative stress within the cell. DDR and ATM both work to help the cell recover from any damage it has received and understanding how ATM works will help increase doctors and scientists understanding of diseases, and their treatment. Proteins on this pathway have targeted assays available via the [ CPTAC Assay Portal]


AAR&Co , Kristina Hanspers , Eric Weitz , and Egon Willighagen


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Homo sapiens


CPTAC PancCanNet


Pathway Ontology

G1 phase pathway DNA repair pathway


Label Type Compact URI Comment
Reactive oxygen species Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0003125
CDC25A GeneProduct hgnc.symbol:CDC25A
HSP27 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000106211
HMGN1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000205581
RNF20 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000155827
RNF168 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000163961
CHEK1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000149554
ATR GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000175054
STK11 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000118046
ATM GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000149311
CDK2 GeneProduct hgnc.symbol:CDK2
ATM GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000149311
MRE11 GeneProduct hgnc.symbol:MRE11
CEP63 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000182923
TRIM28 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000130726
G6PD GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000160211
PP5C GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000011485
PPP2CA GeneProduct hgnc.symbol:PPP2CA
MRE11 GeneProduct hgnc.symbol:MRE11
PMID1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000170836
ATF2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000115966
H2AX GeneProduct hgnc:4739
MTOR GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000198793
ATMIN GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000166454
RNF8 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000112130
CHEK2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000183765
NF-KB GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000109320
DCLRE1C GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000152457
IKBKG GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000269335
MAPK11 GeneProduct hgnc.symbol:MAPK11
RIF1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000080345
HDAC4 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000068024
MDC1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000137337
NBN GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000104320
CDK5 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000164885
TP53BP1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000067369
NHEJ1 GeneProduct hgnc.symbol:NHEJ1
Rad50 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000113522
PPP2CA GeneProduct hgnc.symbol:PPP2CA
LMNB2 GeneProduct hgnc.symbol:LMNB2
RBBP8 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000101773
HMGN1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000205581
SMC1A GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000072501
PRKDC GeneProduct hgnc.symbol:PRKDC
TP53 GeneProduct hgnc.symbol:TP53
KAT5 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000172977
BUB1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000169679
RNF40 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000103549
AURKB GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000178999
TSC2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000103197
ATM GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000149311
ATM GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000149311
ATM GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000149311
MRE11 GeneProduct hgnc.symbol:MRE11
RAD50 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000113522
NBN GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000104320
ATM GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000149311
NBN GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000104320
RAD50 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000113522
ATM GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000149311
ATM GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000149311
MAPK12 GeneProduct hgnc.symbol:MAPK12
MAPK14 GeneProduct hgnc.symbol:MAPK14
MAPK13 GeneProduct hgnc.symbol:MAPK13


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