Flavonoid pathway (WP3620)

Arabidopsis thaliana

Pathway describing the flavonoid biosynthesis.


Kozo Nishida , Atsushi Fukushima , Egon Willighagen , Alex Pico , Kristina Hanspers , Denise Slenter , Toshiaki TOKIMATSU , and Martina Summer-Kutmon


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Arabidopsis thaliana



Pathway Ontology

classic metabolic pathway flavonoid biosynthetic pathway


Label Type Compact URI Comment
Prunin Metabolite knapsack:C00000998
Naringin Metabolite knapsack:C00000983
Naringenin 4'-O-glucoside Metabolite knapsack:C00008208
p-Coumaroyl-CoA Metabolite kegg.compound:C00223
Naringenin chalcone Metabolite kegg.compound:C06561
Naringenin Metabolite knapsack:C00000982
Diosmetin 7-neohesperidoside Metabolite knapsack:C00004508
6-Methoxyluteolin Metabolite knapsack:C00003885
Diosmetin 7-rutinoside Metabolite knapsack:C00004362
Eriodictyol Metabolite knapsack:C00000960
Genkwanin Metabolite knapsack:C00001043
Luteolin Metabolite knapsack:C00000674
Hesperetin 7-glucoside Metabolite knapsack:C00008297
Apigenin Metabolite knapsack:C00003817
Scutellarein Metabolite knapsack:C00003834
Apigenin 7,4'-dimethyl ether Metabolite knapsack:C00001016
Luteolin 3',7-diglucoside Metabolite knapsack:C00004290
Apigenin 7-rutinoside Metabolite knapsack:C00004156
Luteolin 4'-glucoside Metabolite knapsack:C00004276
6-Hydroxluteolin Metabolite knapsack:C00003884
Diosmetin 7-glucoside Metabolite knapsack:C00004357
Homoeriodictyol Metabolite knapsack:C00000969
Luteolin 4',7-diglucoside Metabolite knapsack:C00004294
Hesperetin 7-neohesperidoside Metabolite knapsack:C00000987
Luteolin 7-glucoside Metabolite knapsack:C00004266
Hesperetin Metabolite knapsack:C00000968
Hesperidin Metabolite knapsack:C00000970
Cosmosiin Metabolite knapsack:C00001017
5,7-Dimethoxyapigenin Metabolite pubchem.compound:161172
Scutellarein 7-glucuronide Metabolite knapsack:C00004221
4'-Methylluteolin Metabolite knapsack:C00001036
Acacetin Metabolite knapsack:C00003820
Dihydroquercetin Metabolite knapsack:C00000677
Catechin Metabolite knapsack:C00000947
Dihydrokaempferol Metabolite kegg.compound:C00974
Leucocyanidin Metabolite knapsack:C00007235
Pelargonidin Metabolite knapsack:C00007232
Epiafzelechin Metabolite knapsack:C00008805
Leucopelargonidin Metabolite knapsack:C00020638
Afzelechin Metabolite knapsack:C00000937
Cyanidin Metabolite kegg.compound:C05905
C 3-(6'-Cou)Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00006800
A1 Metabolite knapsack:C00006673
A4 Metabolite knapsack:C00007656
A3 Metabolite knapsack:C00006836
[Epicatechin-(4beta->8)]4-epicatechin Metabolite knapsack:C00009109
C 3-Glc-5-Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00002378
Procyanidin B2 Metabolite knapsack:C00009077
Epicatechin-(4beta->8)5-epicatechin Metabolite knapsack:C00002918
Cinnamtannin A1 Metabolite knapsack:C00009107
C 3-Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00002374
Cyanidin 3-sophoroside Metabolite knapsack:C00006658
C 3-Glc-2'-Xyl Metabolite knapsack:C00006657
(+)-epicatechin Metabolite knapsack:C00000956
C 3-(6'-Cou)Glc-5-Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00006819
Procyanidin C1 Metabolite knapsack:C00009098
C 3-(2'-Xyl-6'-Cou)Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00006802
A2 Metabolite knapsack:C00007655
A6 Metabolite knapsack:C00007658
A8 Metabolite knapsack:C00007659
A9 Metabolite knapsack:C00006838
A5 Metabolite knapsack:C00007657
A11 Metabolite knapsack:C00007570
A7 Metabolite knapsack:C00007660
C 3-(6'-Cou)Glc-5-(6'-Mal)Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00006824
A10 Metabolite knapsack:C00007661
Q 3-Ara Metabolite knapsack:C00005368
3-O-Methylquercetin Metabolite knapsack:C00004632
Q 7-Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00005382
Q 3-Glc-7-Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00005427
Q 3-(2'-Rha)Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00005412
Q 3-Rha Metabolite knapsack:C00005374
Q 3-Rha-7-Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00005431
Q 3-(6'-Rha)Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00005413
Q 3-(2'-Rha)Glc-7-Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00005470
Q 3-Rha-7-Rha Metabolite knapsack:C00005432
Q 3-Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00005373
Q 3-(6'-Rha)Glc-7-Rha Metabolite knapsack:C00005473
Q 3-Ara-7-Rha Metabolite knapsack:C00005420
Quercetin Metabolite knapsack:C00004631
Q 3-Glc-7-Rha Metabolite knapsack:C00005428
K 3-(6'-Glu)Glu-7-Rha Metabolite knapsack:C00005234
K 3-Rha-7-Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00005188
Kaempferol Metabolite kegg.compound:C05903
K 3-Gal Metabolite knapsack:C00005137
K 3-(6'-Cou)Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00005851
K 3-(6'-Glu)Glu Metabolite knapsack:C00005166
K 3-Rha Metabolite knapsack:C00005140
K 3-(2'-Rha)Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00005167
K 3-(6'-Rha)Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00005169
K 3-(6'-Rha)Gal Metabolite knapsack:C00005160
K 3-Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00005138
K 3-Gal-7-Rha Metabolite knapsack:C00005178
K 3-Glc-7-Rha Metabolite knapsack:C00005184
K 3-(6'-(2''-Rha)Rha)Gal Metabolite knapsack:C00005202
K 3-Glc-7-Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00005182
K 3-Rha-7-Rha Metabolite knapsack:C00005189
K 3-Ara Metabolite knapsack:C00005132
K 3-(2'-Rha)Glc-7-Rha Metabolite knapsack:C00005237
K 7-Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00005149
K 3-Ara-7-Rha Metabolite knapsack:C00005174
K 7-(2'-Rha)Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00005197
I 3-Ara-7-Rha Metabolite knapsack:C00005551
I 3-Ara Metabolite knapsack:C00005522
I 3-(6'-Rha)Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00005548
I 3-Rha Metabolite knapsack:C00005526
I 3-Rha-7-Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00005558
I 3-Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00005525
I 3-Glc-7-Rha Metabolite knapsack:C00005557
I 3-Rha-7-Rha Metabolite knapsack:C00005559
I 3-(2''Rha)Glc Metabolite knapsack:C00005547
Isorhamnetin Metabolite knapsack:C00004635
CHS GeneProduct kegg.genes:ath:AT5G13930
CHI GeneProduct kegg.genes:ath:AT3G55120
CHI GeneProduct kegg.genes:ath:AT5G66220
CHI GeneProduct kegg.genes:ath:AT5G05270


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