Dual hijack model of Vif in HIV infection (WP3300)

Homo sapiens

By hijacking CBF-b, Vif (Viral infectivity factor, HIV protein) is manipulating the ubquitination machinery and adversely effecting host transcriptional regulation. This pathways was adapted from figure 3 in [https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23352243 Fraser et al]. Viral proteins are highlighted in yellow.


Kristina Hanspers , Susan Coort , Andika Tan , Egon Willighagen , and Andra Waagmeester


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Homo sapiens




Pathway Ontology

regulatory pathway

Disease Ontology

human immunodeficiency virus infectious disease


Label Type Compact URI Comment
CUL5 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000166266
RUNX1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000159216
ELOC GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000154582
A3G GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000239713
CBFB GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000067955
UBB GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000170315
ELOB GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000103363
Vif GeneProduct uniprot:P69723
RBX1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000100387
CBFB GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000067955
E2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000067955
Vif GeneProduct uniprot:P69723
CBFB GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000067955
Vif GeneProduct uniprot:P69723


  1. From systems to structure: bridging networks and mechanism. Fraser JS, Gross JD, Krogan NJ. Mol Cell. 2013 Jan 24;49(2):222–31. PubMed Europe PMC Scholia