Translation factors (WP32)

Saccharomyces cerevisiae


Meredith Braymer , Daniela Digles , and Eric Weitz


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Saccharomyces cerevisiae



Pathway Ontology

translation pathway


Label Type Compact URI Comment
eIF3 p33 GeneProduct sgd:S000002837
eEF1 gamma 1 GeneProduct sgd:S000005969
eIF2 alpha GeneProduct sgd:S000003767
eIF2 alpha kinase 2?? GeneProduct uniprot:P19525 now E2K2_HUMAN
eIF2 alpha kinase 1?? GeneProduct uniprot:Q9BQI3
eIF4G-II?? GeneProduct uniprot:O43432
eIF2 beta GeneProduct sgd:S000006158
eIF1 GeneProduct sgd:S000005188
eEF1 gamma 2 GeneProduct sgd:S000001564
eIF4G-I?? GeneProduct uniprot:Q04637 TrEMBL accession number O43177 refers to same protein.
eIF3 p110 GeneProduct sgd:S000000283
eIF2 alpha kinase 3?? GeneProduct uniprot:Q9NZJ5
eIF3 p62 GeneProduct sgd:S000005006
eIF2B beta GeneProduct sgd:S000004282
eEF2 kinase?? GeneProduct uniprot:O00418
eIF2B epsilon GeneProduct sgd:S000002619
PAIP-1 GeneProduct sgd:S000000834
4E-BP1?? GeneProduct uniprot:Q13541
eIF6 GeneProduct sgd:S000006220
eIF4B GeneProduct sgd:S000006367
eRF2 GeneProduct sgd:S000002579
PAB1?? GeneProduct uniprot:P11940
eEF2 GeneProduct sgd:S000002793
eIF4H?? GeneProduct uniprot:Q15056
eIF3 p93 GeneProduct sgd:S000004926
eIF3 p39 GeneProduct sgd:S000004754
eIF3 p135 GeneProduct sgd:S000004614
eIF5A-I GeneProduct sgd:S000003808
IF2 GeneProduct sgd:S000000033
eIF2 gamma GeneProduct sgd:S000000827
eIF2B alpha GeneProduct sgd:S000001734
eIF4F p150 GeneProduct sgd:S000003394
eIF2B gamma GeneProduct sgd:S000005786
eIF4F p20 GeneProduct sgd:S000005802
eIF2B delta GeneProduct sgd:S000003315
4E-BP2?? GeneProduct uniprot:Q13542
eIF5 GeneProduct sgd:S000006245
eRF3b??? GeneProduct uniprot:Q9NY44
Sui1 Homolog A121?? GeneProduct uniprot:Q9UNQ9
eIF5A-II GeneProduct sgd:S000000760
eIF-3 p30 GeneProduct sgd:S000004182 Possible eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 30 kDa subunit
IF2M GeneProduct sgd:S000005383 IF-2, mitochondrial [Precursor]
eIF3 p90 GeneProduct sgd:S000005888
eIF4E GeneProduct sgd:S000005499
eEF1 alpha GeneProduct sgd:S000000322
eIF4A GeneProduct sgd:S000001767
eRF1 GeneProduct sgd:S000000347
eIF4F p130 GeneProduct sgd:S000003017
4E-BP3?? GeneProduct uniprot:O60516
eIF1A GeneProduct sgd:S000004873
eEF1 beta GeneProduct sgd:S000000003