Chloroplast electron transport chain (WP2861)

Populus trichocarpa

This plant pathway represents the photosynthetic electron transport chain (chloroplast). Ligh is absorbed by photosystem II and electrons are released and transported through the chain and finally used by ferredoxin NADP+ reductase to reduce NADP+ into NADPH. The electron transport generates a proteom gradient that powers an ATPase to generate ATP. Both NADPH and ATP produced by this process are mostly used by the Calvin cycle (WP2860).


Anwesha Bohler , Sacha Bohler , Jonathan Mélius , and Anders Riutta


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Populus trichocarpa



Pathway Ontology

electron transport chain pathway classic metabolic pathway


Label Type Compact URI Comment
ADP Metabolite chebi:16761
ATP Metabolite chebi:15422
NADP+ Metabolite chebi:18009
NADPH Metabolite chebi:16474
light-harvesting complex I protein Lhca1 Protein uniprot:A9PJ58
light harvesting complex I protein Lhca3 Protein uniprot:A9PK62
light-harvesting complex II protein Lhcb1 Protein uniprot:A9PJK6
O2-evolving Enhancer 1 Protein uniprot:B3VY32
O2-evolving Enhancer 2 Protein uniprot:A9PHM0
PSI reaction center subunit II Protein uniprot:A9PJR8
PSI reaction center subunit III Protein ensembl:POPTR_0002s25510
ferredoxin NADP + reductase Protein uniprot:P00455
ATPase beta Protein uniprot:Q8MCB3
O2-evolving Enhancer Protein uniprot:A9PFR3


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