Diclofenac metabolic pathway (WP2491)

Homo sapiens

CYP metabolism of the diclofenac drug (a NSAID), commonly used to treat pain and inflammatory diseases.


Egon Willighagen , Alex Pico , Denise Slenter , Friederike Ehrhart , and Eric Weitz


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Homo sapiens



Pathway Ontology

phase I biotransformation pathway via cytochrome P450 xenobiotic metabolic pathway

Disease Ontology



Label Type Compact URI Comment
diclofenac Metabolite pubchem.compound:3033
3'-Hydroxydiclofenac Metabolite pubchem.compound:112230
4'-hydroxydiclofenac Metabolite pubchem.compound:116545
5-hydroxydiclofenac Metabolite pubchem.compound:3052566
Metabolite Metabolite pubchem.compound:10065052
4',5-Dihydroxydiclofenac Metabolite pubchem.compound:3052567
CYP2C9 Protein uniprot:Q6IRV8
CYP2B6 Protein uniprot:P20813
CYP2C8 Protein uniprot:P10632
CYP2C18 Protein uniprot:P33260
CYP2C19 Protein uniprot:P33261
CYP2C9 Protein uniprot:Q6IRV8


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