Regulation of immune response in the intestine (WP2234)

Caenorhabditis elegans

"Cell- and non-cell-autonomous regulation of immune responses in the intestine. The IIS pathway (blue letters and arrows) is regulated primarily by the insulin peptide released from the neurones. In the intestine, activity of IIS determines the subcellular localization of DAF-16. Whether ELT-2 and ETS-4 cooperate with DAF-16 to regulate gene transcription remains to be determined. A separate G-protein signalling pathway modulates the activity of the p38 MAPK (black letters and arrows) module through a series of enzymes that include phospholipases, which determines the level of diacylglycerol (DAG), and protein kinase C (TPA-1) and protein kinase D (DFK-2). ATF-7 is the transcription factor that mediates p38 MAPK signalling but how it is co-ordinated with other transcription to orchestrated immune gene expression remains unclear. ZIP-2 appears to regulate immunity independently of p38 MAPK signalling. With the exception of FSHR-1, which functions in parallel to p38 MAPK signalling, the G-protein-coupled receptors that engage Goa and Gqa signalling to affect immune function are currently unknown."


Karen Yook and Stefan Raats


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Caenorhabditis elegans



Pathway Ontology

signaling pathway in the innate immune response innate immune response pathway


Label Type Compact URI Comment
TIR-1 GeneProduct wormbase:F13B10.1
TPA-1 GeneProduct wormbase:B0545.1
DAF-2 GeneProduct wormbase:Y55D5A.5
NSY-1 GeneProduct wormbase:F59A6.1
EGL-30 GeneProduct wormbase:M01D7.7
INS-7 GeneProduct wormbase:ZK1251.2
FSHR-1 GeneProduct wormbase:C50H2.1
EGL-8 GeneProduct wormbase:B0348.4
GOA-1 GeneProduct wormbase:C26C6.2
DGK-1 GeneProduct wormbase:C09E10.2
EGL-30 GeneProduct wormbase:M01D7.7
EGL-8 GeneProduct wormbase:B0348.4
AKT-1 GeneProduct wormbase:C12D8.10
AKT-2 GeneProduct wormbase:F28H6.1
SGK-1 GeneProduct wormbase:W10G6.2
DAF-16 GeneProduct wormbase:R13H8.1
DAF-16 GeneProduct wormbase:R13H8.1
ETS-4 GeneProduct wormbase:F22A3.1
ELT-2 GeneProduct wormbase:C33D3.1
ATF-7 GeneProduct wormbase:C07G2.2
LYS-7 GeneProduct wormbase:C02A12.4
SPP-1 GeneProduct wormbase:T07C4.4
T24B8.5 GeneProduct wormbase:T24B8.5
LYS-2 GeneProduct wormbase:Y22F5A.5
ZIP-2 GeneProduct wormbase:K02F3.4
C07G3.2 GeneProduct wormbase:C07G3.2
SEK-1 GeneProduct wormbase:R03G5.2
PMK-1 GeneProduct wormbase:B0218.3


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