Lycopene biosynthesis (WP2204)

Zea mays

Maize is one of the essential staple cereal crop plant that has the ability to naturally accumulate nutritionally important carotenoids in the edible seed endosperm. The carotenoid pigments are generally C40 isoprenoids that are hydrophobic and synthesized in the plastids. Amyloplast is the kind of plastid found in seed endosperm. The final product all-trans-lycopene synthesized in the final step in this pathway is the founder precursor for carotenoid biosynthesis in plants.


Pankaj Jaiswal , Alex Pico , Daniela Digles , Egon Willighagen , and Denise Slenter


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Zea mays



Pathway Ontology

lycopene biosynthetic pathway carotenoid biosynthetic pathway


Label Type Compact URI Comment
15,9-cis-phytofluene Metabolite chebi:61990
geranyl-geranyl diphosphate Metabolite chebi:15831
15-cis-phytoene Metabolite chebi:27787
9,15,9'-tri-cis-ζ-carotene Metabolite chebi:48717
9,9'-di-cis-ζ-carotene Metabolite chebi:48716
7,9,9'-cis-neurosporene Metabolite chebi:62463
9'-cis-neurosporene Metabolite pubchem.compound:21606092
7',9'-cis-lycopene Metabolite pubchem.compound:25245411
all-trans-lycopene Metabolite chebi:15948
prephytoene diphosphate Metabolite pubchem.compound:24883415
EC: (PDS) GeneProduct brenda:
GRMZM2G300348 (PSY1) GeneProduct :GRMZM2G300348
GRMZM2G454952 (ZDS) GeneProduct :GRMZM2G454952
EC: (Z-ISO) GeneProduct brenda:
EC: (ZDS) GeneProduct brenda:
EC: (CRITSO) GeneProduct brenda:
GRMZM2G149317 (PSY2) GeneProduct :GRMZM2G149317
EC: (PSY) GeneProduct brenda:
GRMZM2G410515 (PDS/VP5) GeneProduct :GRMZM2G410515
GRMZM2G011746 (Z-ISO) GeneProduct :GRMZM2G011746
GRMZM2G108457 (CRTISO1) GeneProduct :GRMZM2G108457
GRMZM2G106531 (CRTISO2-pseudogene) GeneProduct :GRMZM2G106531