Cytoplasmic ribosomal proteins (WP210)

Saccharomyces cerevisiae


Meredith Braymer , Christine Chichester , and Eric Weitz


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Saccharomyces cerevisiae



Pathway Ontology

ribosome biogenesis pathway


Label Type Compact URI Comment
L1 GeneProduct sgd:S000003103 Also known as L10a
L2 GeneProduct sgd:S000001280 Also known as YL6, L5, or RP8
L3 GeneProduct sgd:S000005589 Also known as YL1 or RP1
L4-A GeneProduct sgd:S000000235 Also known as L2A or RP2
L4-B GeneProduct sgd:S000002419 Also known as L2B or RP2
L5 GeneProduct sgd:S000006052 Also known as L1 or YL3
L6-A GeneProduct sgd:S000004538 Also known as L17, YL16, or RP18
L6-B GeneProduct sgd:S000004440 Also known as L17, YL16, or RP18
L7-like GeneProduct sgd:S000004947
L7-A GeneProduct sgd:S000003044 Also known as L6A, YL8A, or RP11
L7-B GeneProduct sgd:S000006119 Also known as L6B or YL8B
L8-A GeneProduct sgd:S000001025 Also known as L7A-2, L4-2, YL5, or RP6
L8-B GeneProduct sgd:S000003968 Also known as L7A-1, L4-1, YL5, or RP6
L9-A GeneProduct sgd:S000003115 Also known as L8, YL11, or RP25
L9-B GeneProduct sgd:S000005011 Also known as L8, YL11, or RP25
L10 GeneProduct sgd:S000004065 Also known as L9
L11 GeneProduct sgd:S000003317 Also known as L16, YL16, 39A, or RP39
L12 GeneProduct sgd:S000000780 Also known as L15 or YL23
L13-A GeneProduct sgd:S000002240
L13-B GeneProduct sgd:S000004750
L14-A GeneProduct sgd:S000001489
L14-B GeneProduct sgd:S000000993
L15-A GeneProduct sgd:S000004019 Also known as YL10, L13, RP15R, or YP18
L15-B GeneProduct sgd:S000004728 Also known as YL10, L13, RP15R, or YP18
L16-A GeneProduct sgd:S000001395 Also known as L13A or RP22
L16-B GeneProduct sgd:S000005013 Also known as YL15 or RP23
L17-A GeneProduct sgd:S000001663 Also known as YL17-A
L17-B GeneProduct sgd:S000003713 Also known as YL17-B
L18 GeneProduct sgd:S000005245 Also known as RP28
L19 GeneProduct sgd:S000000123 Also known as L23, YL14, RP33, or RP15L
L20 GeneProduct sgd:S000004855 Also known as L18A
L21-A GeneProduct sgd:S000000395
L21-B GeneProduct sgd:S000006000
L22-A GeneProduct sgd:S000004051 Also known as YL31 or RP4
L22-B GeneProduct sgd:S000006436
L23 GeneProduct sgd:S000000183 Also known as L17
L24-A GeneProduct sgd:S000002999 Also known as L30A, RP29, or YL21
L24-B GeneProduct sgd:S000003380 Also known as L30B, RP29, or YL21
L25 GeneProduct sgd:S000005487 Also known as YL25 or RP61L
L26-A GeneProduct sgd:S000004336 Also known as YL33
L26-B GeneProduct sgd:S000003266 Also known as YL33
L27 GeneProduct sgd:S000001052
L28 GeneProduct sgd:S000003071 Also known as L27A, L29, YL24, or RP62
L29 GeneProduct sgd:S000006437 Also known as YL43
L30 GeneProduct sgd:S000002998 Also known as YL32 or RP73
L31 GeneProduct sgd:S000002233 Also known as YL28
L32 GeneProduct sgd:S000000188
L33-A GeneProduct sgd:S000006064 Also known as L37A, YL37, or RP47
L33-B GeneProduct sgd:S000005760 Also known as L37B, YL27, or RP47
L34-A GeneProduct sgd:S000002135
L34-B GeneProduct sgd:S000001314
L35 GeneProduct sgd:S000002295
L36-A GeneProduct sgd:S000004807 Also known as L39A or YL39
L36-B GeneProduct sgd:S000006438 Also known as L39B or YL39
L37-A GeneProduct sgd:S000004175 Also known as L35 or YP55
L37-B GeneProduct sgd:S000002908 Also known as L35 or YP55
L38 GeneProduct sgd:S000004317
L39 GeneProduct sgd:S000003725 Also known as L46 or YL40
L40 GeneProduct sgd:S000001410 Also known as CEP52
L41 GeneProduct sgd:S000002293 Also known as YL41 or YL47
L42 GeneProduct sgd:S000001183 Also known as L44, YL27, YP44, or L41
L43 GeneProduct sgd:S000003855 Also known as L37A or YL35
S0-A GeneProduct sgd:S000003446 Also known as Nucleic acid-binding protein NAB1A
S0-B GeneProduct sgd:S000004038 Also known as Nucleic acid-binding protein NAB1B
S1-A GeneProduct sgd:S000004433 Also known as RP10A
S1-B GeneProduct sgd:S000004528 Also known as RP10B
S2 GeneProduct sgd:S000003091 Also known as S4, YS5, or RP12
S3 GeneProduct sgd:S000005122 Also known as YS3 or RP13
S4 GeneProduct sgd:S000001246 Also known as S7, YS6, or RP5
S5 GeneProduct sgd:S000003884 Also known as S2, YS8, or RP14
S6 GeneProduct sgd:S000000385 Also known as S10, YS4, or RP9
S7-A GeneProduct sgd:S000005622 Also known as RP30
S7-B GeneProduct sgd:S000005040
S8 GeneProduct sgd:S000000168 Also known as S14, YS9, or RP19
S9-A GeneProduct sgd:S000006002 Also known as S13, YS11, RP21, or YP28
S9-B GeneProduct sgd:S000000393 Also known as S13, YS11, RP21, or YP28
S10-A GeneProduct sgd:S000005819
S10-B GeneProduct sgd:S000004843
S11 GeneProduct sgd:S000000252 Also known as S18, YS12, or RP41
S12 GeneProduct sgd:S000005896
S13 GeneProduct sgd:S000002471 Also known as S27A or YS15
S14-A GeneProduct sgd:S000000627 Also known as RP59A
S14-B GeneProduct sgd:S000003727 Also known as RP59B
S15 GeneProduct sgd:S000005400 Also known as S21, YS21, RP52, or RIG protein
S16 GeneProduct sgd:S000002241 Also known as RP61R
S17-A GeneProduct sgd:S000004486 Also known as RP51A
S17-B GeneProduct sgd:S000002855 Also known as RP51B
S18 GeneProduct sgd:S000002858
S19-A GeneProduct sgd:S000005481 Also known as S16A, YS16, RP55, or YP45
S19-B GeneProduct sgd:S000005246 Also known as S16B, YS16, or RP55
S20 GeneProduct sgd:S000001007
S21 GeneProduct sgd:S000001765 Also known as S36 or YS25
S22 GeneProduct sgd:S000003726 Also known as S24, YS22, RP50, or YP58
S23 GeneProduct sgd:S000003350 Also known as S28, YS14, or RP37
S24 GeneProduct sgd:S000000876 Also known as RP50
S25 GeneProduct sgd:S000003259 Also known as S31, YS23, or RP45
S26-A GeneProduct sgd:S000003157
S26-B GeneProduct sgd:S000000933
S27-A GeneProduct sgd:S000001639 Also known as YS20 or RP61
S27-B GeneProduct sgd:S000001063 Also known as YS20 or RP61
S28 GeneProduct sgd:S000004254 Also known as S33 or YS27
S29-A GeneProduct sgd:S000004380 Also known as S36 or YS29
S29-B GeneProduct sgd:S000002219 Also known as S36 or YS29
S30 GeneProduct sgd:S000004278
S37 GeneProduct sgd:S000004157 Also known as CEP76 or YS24
Acidic Protein P0 GeneProduct sgd:S000004332 Also known as L10E
Acidic Protein P1-alpha GeneProduct sgd:S000002239 Also known as A1
Acidic Protein P1-beta GeneProduct sgd:S000002288 Also known as L44’ or L12EIIB
Acidic Protein P2-alpha GeneProduct sgd:S000005399 Also known as A2
Acidic Protein P2-beta GeneProduct sgd:S000002790 Also knwon as L45, YL44C, YPA1, or L12EIA