Retinol metabolism (WP1297)

Rattus norvegicus

This pathway is about carotenoid metabolism. It is mainly created by the NuGO focusteam on Carotenoid metabolism. Finally it was subject to a text mining workflow which added some additional entities.


Alex Pico , Kristina Hanspers , Strand Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd , Egon Willighagen , and Daniela Digles


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Rattus norvegicus



Pathway Ontology

retinol metabolic pathway


Label Type Compact URI Comment
beta-carotene Metabolite chebi:17579
beta-carotene Metabolite chebi:17579
beta-carotene Metabolite chebi:17579
beta-carotene Metabolite chebi:17579
beta-cryptoxanthin Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0002268
zeaxanthin Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0002789
lutein Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0003233
lycopene Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0003000
Vitamin D3 Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0000876
cryptoxanthin Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0002268
violaxanthin Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0003101
canthaxanthin Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0003154
astaxanthin Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0002204
alpha-carotene Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0003993
Bcmo1 GeneProduct ncbigene:114106
Rbp7 GeneProduct ncbigene:362662
Aldh1a1 GeneProduct ncbigene:24188
Rara GeneProduct ncbigene:24705
Aldh1a2 GeneProduct ncbigene:116676
Abcg8 GeneProduct ncbigene:155192
Rdh12 GeneProduct ncbigene:314264
Rdh5 GeneProduct ncbigene:366791
Dhrs3 GeneProduct ncbigene:313689
Cyp26b1 GeneProduct ncbigene:312495
Npc1l1 GeneProduct ncbigene:432367
Aldh1a3 GeneProduct ncbigene:266603
Aldh1a3 GeneProduct ncbigene:266603
Abcg5 GeneProduct ncbigene:114628
Lpl GeneProduct ncbigene:24539
Cyp2e1 GeneProduct ncbigene:25086
Rpe65 GeneProduct ncbigene:89826
Scarb1 GeneProduct ncbigene:25073
Sult2b1 GeneProduct ncbigene:292915
Lrat GeneProduct ncbigene:64047
Rxrb GeneProduct ncbigene:361801
Rdh10 GeneProduct ncbigene:353252
Retsat GeneProduct ncbigene:246298
Rbp1 GeneProduct ncbigene:25056
Rdh12 GeneProduct ncbigene:314264
Rxra GeneProduct ncbigene:25271
Adh4 GeneProduct ncbigene:29646
Sult1a1 GeneProduct ncbigene:83783
Cyp26a1 GeneProduct ncbigene:154985
Bcmo1 GeneProduct ncbigene:114106
Cd36 GeneProduct ncbigene:29184
Rarg GeneProduct ncbigene:685072
Aldh1a2 GeneProduct ncbigene:116676
Scarb1 GeneProduct ncbigene:25073
Lrat GeneProduct ncbigene:64047
Aldh1a1 GeneProduct ncbigene:24188
Rdh5 GeneProduct ncbigene:366791
Rdh8 GeneProduct ncbigene:690953
Adh1 GeneProduct ncbigene:24172
Rxrg GeneProduct ncbigene:83574
Crabp2 GeneProduct ncbigene:29563
Crabp1 GeneProduct ncbigene:25061
Rlbp1 GeneProduct ncbigene:293049
Rbp2 GeneProduct ncbigene:24710
Bcmo1 GeneProduct ncbigene:114106
Rbp4 GeneProduct ncbigene:25703
RARb GeneProduct ncbigene:24706


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