Signal Transduction of S1P Receptor (Mus musculus)

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GPCRs similar to S1PSphk2Mapk3Edg5Akt3Racgap1Mapk12Mapk6Edg8Akt1Gnai2Pik3c2gPlcb3Gnai3Asah2Edg3Edg1Mapk1Akt2Sphk1Gnai1Mapk7Smpd2


This is a representation of figure 2 from T. Hla, et al. 2001, Science, 294, pg. 1877.

Sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) is a signaling sphingolipid, also known as lysosphingolipid. It is also referred to as a bioactive lipid mediator. Sphingolipids at large form a class of lipids characterized by a particular aliphatic aminoalcohol, which is sphingosine.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
Akt1GeneProduct11651 (Entrez Gene)
Akt2GeneProduct11652 (Entrez Gene)
Akt3GeneProduct23797 (Entrez Gene)
Asah2GeneProduct54447 (Entrez Gene)
Edg1GeneProduct13609 (Entrez Gene)
Edg3GeneProduct13610 (Entrez Gene)
Edg5GeneProduct14739 (Entrez Gene)
Edg8GeneProduct94226 (Entrez Gene)
Gnai1GeneProduct14677 (Entrez Gene)
Gnai2GeneProduct14678 (Entrez Gene)
Gnai3GeneProduct14679 (Entrez Gene)
Mapk12GeneProduct29857 (Entrez Gene)
Mapk1GeneProduct26413 (Entrez Gene)
Mapk3GeneProduct26417 (Entrez Gene)
Mapk6GeneProduct50772 (Entrez Gene)
Mapk7GeneProduct23939 (Entrez Gene)
Pik3c2gGeneProduct18705 (Entrez Gene)
Plcb3GeneProduct18797 (Entrez Gene)
Racgap1GeneProduct26934 (Entrez Gene)
Smpd2GeneProduct20598 (Entrez Gene)
Sphk1GeneProduct20698 (Entrez Gene)
Sphk2GeneProduct56632 (Entrez Gene)

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