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The Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Delta forms a complex with the transcription factor BCL6, which prevents BCL6 from repressing proinflammatory cytokine genes. When a ligand binds to PPARD, the complex separates. PPARD can form a complex with NFkB or with RXRs to have varying effects.This pathway is based on the entry on the PPARG pathway on Nuclear Receptor Resource (https://nrresource.org/nuclear_receptors/peroxisome-proliferator-activated-receptor-delta-ppard-nr1c2/).

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
BCL6GeneProductENSG00000113916 (Ensembl)
CCL2GeneProductENSG00000108691 (Ensembl)
CPT1AGeneProductENSG00000110090 (Ensembl)
CREBBPGeneProductENSG00000005339 (Ensembl)
EP300GeneProductEP300 (HGNC)
IL1AGeneProductENSG00000115008 (Ensembl)
IL1BGeneProductENSG00000125538 (Ensembl)
IL1RNGeneProductENSG00000136689 (Ensembl)
LPLGeneProductENSG00000175445 (Ensembl)
MMP9GeneProductENSG00000100985 (Ensembl)
NCOA1GeneProductENSG00000084676 (Ensembl)
NFKB1GeneProductENSG00000109320 (Ensembl)
PDK4GeneProductENSG00000004799 (Ensembl)
PLIN2GeneProductENSG00000147872 (Ensembl)
PPARDGeneProductENSG00000112033 (Ensembl)
PPARdelta agonistMetaboliteCHEBI:73730 (ChEBI)
PTGS2GeneProductENSG00000073756 (Ensembl)
RELAGeneProductENSG00000173039 (Ensembl)
RELGeneProductENSG00000162924 (Ensembl)
RXRAGeneProductENSG00000186350 (Ensembl)
RXRBGeneProductENSG00000204231 (Ensembl)
RXRGGeneProductENSG00000143171 (Ensembl)
TNFGeneProductTNF (HGNC)
UCP1GeneProductENSG00000109424 (Ensembl)
UCP2GeneProductENSG00000175567 (Ensembl)
UCP3GeneProductENSG00000175564 (Ensembl)
VCAM1GeneProductENSG00000162692 (Ensembl)

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