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This transport pathway shows several tissue specific fatty acid transport proteins (FATP), which facilitate fatty acid uptake. The extracellular fatty acids can either bind to CD36 or bind directly to the fatty acid transporters. When the fatty acids have entered the cell, they can either be coupled to Acyl-CoA by long-chain fatty acyl-CoA synthetases or bind to fatty acid binding proteins (FABPs). This binding of the fatty acids to CoA or FABPs prevents the efflux of the fatty acids.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ACSBG1GeneProductENSG00000103740 (Ensembl)
ACSBG2GeneProductENSG00000130377 (Ensembl)
ACSL1GeneProductENSG00000151726 (Ensembl)
ACSL3GeneProductENSG00000123983 (Ensembl)
ACSL4GeneProductENSG00000068366 (Ensembl)
ACSL5GeneProductENSG00000197142 (Ensembl)
ACSL6GeneProductENSG00000164398 (Ensembl)
CD36GeneProductENSG00000135218 (Ensembl)
COENZYME AMetaboliteCHEBI:15346 (ChEBI)
DBIGeneProductENSG00000155368 (Ensembl)
FABP1GeneProductENSG00000163586 (Ensembl)
FABP1GeneProductHGNC:3555 (HGNC)
FABP2GeneProductENSG00000145384 (Ensembl)
FABP3GeneProductENSG00000121769 (Ensembl)
FABP4GeneProductENSG00000170323 (Ensembl)
FABP5GeneProductENSG00000164687 (Ensembl)
FABP6GeneProductENSG00000170231 (Ensembl)
FABP7GeneProductENSG00000164434 (Ensembl)
FABP9GeneProductENSG00000205186 (Ensembl)
LCFAsMetaboliteCHEBI:15904 (ChEBI)
SLC27A1 GeneProductHGNC:10995 (HGNC)
SLC27A2 GeneProductHGNC:10996 (HGNC)
SLC27A3 GeneProductHGNC:10997 (HGNC)
SLC27A4GeneProductENSG00000167114 (Ensembl)
SLC27A4GeneProductSLC27A4 (HGNC)
SLC27A5GeneProductHGNC:10999 (HGNC)
SLC27A6 GeneProductHGNC:11000 (HGNC)

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