Deregulation of the Renin Angiotensin system by Sars-CoV infection (Mus musculus)

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Angiotensin IIAngiotensin Iangiotensin-(1-7)Angiotensinogen1111Spike proteinSARS-CoVLung injury2. AngII accumulates as ACE2 no longer negatively regulates AngII production1ACE2AT1RACEAT2R13. An increase in AT1R activity can lead to increased vascular permeability and lung injury11. ACE2 expression is downregulated by SARS-CoV Spike protein binding1angiotensin-(1-9)


The Spike protein of SARS-CoV will down regulate ACE2 which leads to deregulation of the Renin-Angiotensin-system. This deregulation can be the cause of lung injury that is linked to SARS-CoV infection. This work was done in a mouse model.

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  1. Kuba K, Imai Y, Rao S, Gao H, Guo F, Guan B, Huan Y, Yang P, Zhang Y, Deng W, Bao L, Zhang B, Liu G, Wang Z, Chappell M, Liu Y, Zheng D, Leibbrandt A, Wada T, Slutsky AS, Liu D, Qin C, Jiang C, Penninger JM; ''''; , PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ACE2GeneProductENSG00000130234 (Ensembl)
ACEGeneProductENSG00000159640 (Ensembl)
AT1RGeneProductENSG00000144891 (Ensembl)
AT2RGeneProductENSG00000180772 (Ensembl)
Angiotensin IMetaboliteHMDB61196 (HMDB)
Angiotensin IIMetaboliteHMDB01035 (HMDB)
AngiotensinogenMetaboliteCHEBI:2720 (ChEBI)
angiotensin-(1-7)MetaboliteCHEBI:58922 (ChEBI)
angiotensin-(1-9)MetaboliteCHEBI:147351 (ChEBI)

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