Cellular proteostasis (Homo sapiens)

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12PrefoldinAggresomeAggregatesStress signalingStress responseStressMisfolded stateNative proteinFolding intermediateHSRProtein synthesisPFDN4Hsp70Hsp40UPRHsp110Degredation via AutophagyPFDN3Degredation via UPSPFDN6PFDN1CHIPPFDN5Hsp90PFDN2MutationsStressMutationsHsp40Hsp70Hsp40Hsp70Hsp110Hsp40Hsp70Hsp90Hsp70Hsp70Hsp90CHIP


In order to maintain protein homeostasis and cell function, cells are constantly synthesizing as well as degrading proteins. This is especially important when proteins are misfolded, due to extra- or intracellular stress or a genetic mutation, as this is the basis for many diseases. This pathway shows the major events which are involved in proteostasis.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
CHIPGeneProductENST00000565813.1 (Ensembl)
Degredation via AutophagyPathwayWP4923 (WikiPathways)
Degredation via UPSPathwayWP183 (WikiPathways)
Hsp110GeneProductENST00000629751 (Ensembl)
Hsp40GeneProductENSG00000213946 (Ensembl)
Hsp70GeneProductENSG00000225217 (Ensembl)
Hsp90GeneProductENSG00000224411 (Ensembl)
PFDN1GeneProductENSG00000113068 (Ensembl)
PFDN2GeneProductENSG00000143256 (Ensembl)
PFDN3GeneProductENSG00000155959 (Ensembl)
PFDN4GeneProductENSG00000101132 (Ensembl)
PFDN5GeneProductENSG00000123349 (Ensembl)
PFDN6GeneProductENSG00000204220 (Ensembl)
UPRPathwayWP1939 (WikiPathways)

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