Transcription co-factors SKI and SKIL protein partners (Homo sapiens)

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Several proteins are partners of SKI and / or SKIL. The interacting domains are often not identified.

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  1. Tecalco-Cruz AC, Ríos-López DG, Vázquez-Victorio G, Rosales-Alvarez RE, Macías-Silva M; ''Transcriptional cofactors Ski and SnoN are major regulators of the TGF-β/Smad signaling pathway in health and disease.''; Signal Transduct Target Ther, 2018 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
HDAC1GeneProduct3065 (Entrez Gene) HDAC1
HDAC3GeneProductENSG00000171720 (Ensembl)
ING2GeneProduct3622 (Entrez Gene) ING2
LATS1GeneProduct9113 (Entrez Gene) Lats1
LATS2GeneProduct26524 (Entrez Gene) Lats2
MECP2GeneProduct4204 (Entrez Gene) MeCP2
MERTKGeneProduct10461 (Entrez Gene) Mer
NF1GeneProduct4763 (Entrez Gene) NF1
PRMT5GeneProduct10419 (Entrez Gene) PRMT5
SATB2GeneProduct23314 (Entrez Gene) Satb2
SIN3AGeneProductENSG00000169375 (Ensembl)
SKIGeneProduct6497 (Entrez Gene) Ski
SKILGeneProduct6498 (Entrez Gene) SnoN
STK3GeneProduct6788 (Entrez Gene) Mst2
TEAD1GeneProduct7003 (Entrez Gene) Tead1-4
TEAD2GeneProduct8463 (Entrez Gene) Tead1-4
TEAD3GeneProduct7005 (Entrez Gene) Tead1-4
TEAD4GeneProduct7004 (Entrez Gene) Tead1-4

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