Classical pathway of steroidogenesis with Glucocorticoid and Mineralocorticoid Metabolism (Homo sapiens)

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12, 17, 2112, 2112, 213722101351815311Lipoid adrenal hyperplasia14DihydrotestosteroneSTARCytochrome b5CholesterolCorticosterone Methyl OxidaseP450c21H6PD18-hydroxycorticosterone17-beta-HSD3PORAndrostenedioneCorticosteroneCortisolPregnenolonePOR17-hydroxypregnenolone5-alpha-Reductase2OestradiolCortisonePORP450scc11beta-HSD2P450c17Aldosterone17-hydroxyprogesterone11beta-HSD13-beta-HSDDHEA(11)-DeoxycorticosteroneProgesteroneTestosteroneP450Aro11-Deoxycortisol12, 21712, 213-beta-HSDP450c11P450c17P450c173-beta-HSDCholesterol side-chain cleavage deficiency2617-Alpha-hydroxylase / 17-lyase deficiency63-beta-HSD type II deficiency21-Hydroxylase deficiency201911-beta-hydroxylase type I deficiencyCorticosterone methyl oxidase deficiency19Cortisone reductase deficiencyApparent mineralocorticoid excess2717-beta-HSD deficiency255-alpha-reductase type II deficiency1623Aromatase deficiency24P450 oxidoreductase deficiency223-beta-HSD type II deficiency20PORProgesterone resistanceOestrogen resistance84NADP+NADPHCholesterol BiosynthesisCYP11A112, 21HSD3B13B-OH-delta-Steroid DhHSD3B1HSD3B2Androgen Synthesis and MetabolismCYP11B212, 21Corticosterone 18-Monooxy11b, 21-Dihydroxy-3,20-5b-Pregnan-18-al12, 213a,11b,21-Trihydroxy-20-Oxo-5b-Pregnan-18-al3-Oxo-5b-Steroid Dh3a-Hydroxy-steroid Dh3a-OH-5b-Pregnane-20-one5b-Pregnane-3,20-dioneProgesterone Degradation20b-Hydroxy-steroid DhPregnanediolGlucuronides17a,21-Dihydroxy-5b-17a,21-Dihydroxy-5b-Pregnane-3,11,20-trioneUrocortisoneCortoloneCortisone beta-reductase3a-Hydroxy-steroid Dh(R)20-hydroxy-steroid DhUrocortisol11b,17a 21-Trihydroxy-5bPregnane 3,20-dioneCortisolGlucocorticoidsSteroid Hormone Signaling


The biosynthesis of steroid hormones is a difficult process in which Cholesterol is transformed into mineralocorticoids, glucocorticoids and sex hormones via a series of hydroxylation, oxidation and reduction steps. To better understand the molecular level of sexual organ maturation in humans, the classical pathway and the alternative pathway of this process are produced. The pathways produce the main steroid hormones in humans, namely Progestogen, Corticosteroids, Androgens and Estrogens.

The classical pathway is meant to produce an important steroid called Androgen, which is a synthetic steroid hormone that regulates sexual development and the maintenance of the male sex organs via binding to androgen receptors. Next to the classical pathway of androgen synthesis, alternative pathways are known, such as [1].

For more information and details about Androgens and the diseases linked with this molecular pathway, please visit Chapter 37 of the book of Blau (ISBN 3642403360 (978-3642403361)) .

We have recently expanded this pathway with information from the Glucocorticoid and Mineralocorticoid Metabolism (previously captured in WP273; overlapping content is indicated with double borders for individual datanodes; information previously missing is added with dashed borders).

Mineralocorticoid (M) and glucocorticoid (G) receptors regulate transcription; either through 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase influencing aldosterone specificity on epithelial M-receptors or by modulcation of AP-1- and NF-kappa-B-induced transcription through G-receptors. Specifically for the first case, aldosterone resistance in an autosomal form (aka pseudohypoaldosteronism) is linked to loss-of-function in epithelical Na-channel subunits [2].

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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
(11)-DeoxycorticosteroneMetaboliteCHEBI:16973 (ChEBI)
(R)20-hydroxy- steroid DhProtein1.1.1.53 (Enzyme Nomenclature), similiar SP:2BHD STREX
11-DeoxycortisolMetaboliteCHEBI:28324 (ChEBI)
11b, 21-Dihydroxy-3,20- 5b-Pregnan-18-alMetabolite44263338 (PubChem-compound)
11b,17a 21-Trihydroxy-5b Pregnane 3,20-dioneMetabolite1482-50-4 (CAS) AKA 11-BETA,17-ALPHA,21-TRIHYDROXY-5-BETA-PREGNANE-3,20-DIONE
11beta-HSD1ProteinENSG00000117594 (Ensembl) Reference study in mice [PMID:9405715]
11beta-HSD2ProteinENSG00000176387 (Ensembl)
17-beta-HSD3ProteinENSG00000130948 (Ensembl)
17-hydroxypregnenoloneMetaboliteCHEBI:28750 (ChEBI)
17-hydroxyprogesteroneMetaboliteCHEBI:17252 (ChEBI)
17a,21-Dihydroxy-5b-17a,21-Dihydroxy -5b-Pregnane-3,11,20-trioneMetabolite65554 (PubChem-compound) aka 4,5beta-Dihydrocortisone
18-hydroxycorticosteroneMetaboliteCHEBI:16485 (ChEBI)
20b-Hydroxy- steroid DhProtein1.1.1.53 (Enzyme Nomenclature), similiar SP:2BHD STREX
3-Oxo-5b- Steroid DhProtein3O5B (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
3-beta- HSDProteinENSG00000203859 (Ensembl)
3-beta-HSDProteinENSG00000203859 (Ensembl)
3B-OH-delta- Steroid DhProtein1.1.1.145 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
3a,11b,21-Trihydroxy-20- Oxo-5b-Pregnan-18-alMetabolite44263346 (PubChem-compound)
3a-Hydroxy- steroid DhProtein1.1.1.50 (Enzyme Nomenclature) SPs:DIDH RAT
3a-OH-5b-Pregnane-20-oneMetabolite24779614 (PubChem-compound)
5-alpha-Reductase2ProteinENSG00000277893 (Ensembl)
5b-Pregnane-3,20-dioneMetabolite92745 (PubChem-compound)
AldosteroneMetaboliteCHEBI:27584 (ChEBI)
Androgen Synthesis and MetabolismPathwayWP496 (WikiPathways)
AndrostenedioneMetaboliteCHEBI:16422 (ChEBI)
CYP11A1GeneProduct1583 (Entrez Gene)
CYP11B2GeneProduct1585 (Entrez Gene)
Cholesterol BiosynthesisPathwayWP197 (WikiPathways)
CholesterolMetaboliteCHEBI:16113 (ChEBI)
Corticosterone 18-MonooxyProtein1.14.15.5 (Enzyme Nomenclature) EC number:
Corticosterone Methyl OxidaseProteinENSG00000179142 (Ensembl)
CorticosteroneMetaboliteCHEBI:16827 (ChEBI)
CortisolMetaboliteQ190875 (Wikidata)
Cortisone beta-reductaseProtein1.3.1.3 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
CortisoneMetaboliteCHEBI:16962 (ChEBI)
CortoloneMetabolite516-42-7 (CAS)
Cytochrome b5ProteinJ3KNC7 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
DHEAMetaboliteCHEBI:28689 (ChEBI)
DihydrotestosteroneMetaboliteCHEBI:16330 (ChEBI)
GlucuronidesMetaboliteCHEBI:26763 (ChEBI)
H6PDProteinENSG00000049239 (Ensembl)
  • This enzyme produces NADPH which is neccessary for 11beta-HSD1 to convert cortisone into cortisol.
  • Type your comment here
HSD3B1GeneProduct3283 (Entrez Gene)
HSD3B2GeneProduct3284 (Entrez Gene)
NADP+MetaboliteCHEBI:58349 (ChEBI)
NADPHMetaboliteCHEBI:57783 (ChEBI)
OestradiolMetaboliteCHEBI:16469 (ChEBI)
P450AroProteinENSG00000137869 (Ensembl)
P450c11ProteinENSG00000160882 (Ensembl)
P450c17ProteinENSG00000148795 (Ensembl)
P450c21ProteinENSG00000231852 (Ensembl)
P450sccProteinENSG00000140459 (Ensembl)
  • also known as CYP11A1
  • Type your comment here
PORProteinP16435 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
PregnanediolMetabolite80-92-2 (CAS)
PregnenoloneMetaboliteCHEBI:16581 (ChEBI)
ProgesteroneMetaboliteCHEBI:17026 (ChEBI)
STARProteinENSG00000147465 (Ensembl)
Steroid Hormone SignalingPathwayWP170 (WikiPathways)
TestosteroneMetaboliteCHEBI:17347 (ChEBI)
UrocortisolMetabolite5864 (PubChem-compound) AKA Tetrahydrocortisol
UrocortisoneMetabolite618110 (PubChem-compound)

Annotated Interactions

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SourceTargetTypeDatabase referenceComment
(11)-DeoxycorticosteroneCorticosteronemim-conversion15630 (Rhea)
11-DeoxycortisolCortisolmim-conversion15630 (Rhea)
17-hydroxypregnenolone17-hydroxyprogesteronemim-conversion24077 (Rhea)
17-hydroxypregnenoloneDHEAmim-conversion50245 (Rhea)
17-hydroxyprogesteroneAndrostenedionemim-conversion14754 (Rhea)
18-hydroxycorticosteroneAldosteronemim-conversion50794 (Rhea)
AndrostenedioneTestosteronemim-conversion14983 (Rhea)
CholesterolPregnenolonemim-conversion35740 (Rhea)
Corticosterone18-hydroxycorticosteronemim-conversion11873 (Rhea)
CortisolCortisonemim-conversion53117 (Rhea)
CortisoneCortisolmim-conversion11390 (Rhea) Reference study in mice [PMID:9405715]
Pregnenolone17-hydroxypregnenolonemim-conversion50237 (Rhea)
PregnenoloneProgesteronemim-conversion24077 (Rhea)
Progesterone17-hydroxyprogesteronemim-conversion46309 (Rhea)
TestosteroneDihydrotestosteronemim-conversion54385 (Rhea)
TestosteroneOestradiolmim-conversion38192 (Rhea)
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