Cells and Molecules involved in local acute inflammatory response (Homo sapiens)

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Cells and Molecules involved in local acute inflammatory response.

Pathway based on Biocarta pathway (M3952) https://cgap.nci.nih.gov/Pathways/BioCarta/h_LairPathway

Tissue damage induces the release of inflammatory signaling molecules. Additionally, bacterial infection stimulates an immune response. Bacterial infection can activate macrophages and induce the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines such as TNF, IL-6 and IL-1. Both tissue damage and bacterial infection can induce complement activation, either via the alternative or classical pathway. Leukocytes can be attracted via pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines released by mast cells and activated macrophages. Leukocytes can also induce complement activation. The combined response can result in a more permeable endothelium of blood vessels, induce swelling and activate immune cells.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
C3GeneProduct718 (Entrez Gene)
C5GeneProduct727 (Entrez Gene)
C6GeneProduct729 (Entrez Gene)
C7GeneProduct730 (Entrez Gene)
Complement activationPathwayWP545 (WikiPathways)
ICAM1GeneProduct3383 (Entrez Gene)
IL1AGeneProduct3552 (Entrez Gene)
IL6GeneProduct3569 (Entrez Gene)
IL8GeneProduct3576 (Entrez Gene)
ITGA4GeneProduct3676 (Entrez Gene)
ITGALGeneProduct3683 (Entrez Gene)
ITGB1GeneProduct3688 (Entrez Gene)
ITGB2GeneProduct3689 (Entrez Gene)
KNG1GeneProduct3827 (Entrez Gene)
SELPGeneProduct6403 (Entrez Gene)
SELPLGGeneProduct6404 (Entrez Gene)
TNFGeneProduct7124 (Entrez Gene)
VCAM1GeneProduct7412 (Entrez Gene)

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