LTF danger signal response pathway (Homo sapiens)

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Lactoferrin (LTF) activates NF-kB via danger signal receptors TLR2/4 and CD14. LTF may also activate NF-kB via addiotnal receptors RAGE and TREM1.

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  1. Kruzel ML, Zimecki M, Actor JK; ''Lactoferrin in a Context of Inflammation-Induced Pathology.''; Front Immunol, 2017 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
CD14GeneProduct929 (Entrez Gene)
IFNAGeneProduct3439 (Entrez Gene)
IFNBGeneProduct3456 (Entrez Gene)
IL1AGeneProduct3552 (Entrez Gene)
IL1BGeneProduct3553 (Entrez Gene)
IL6GeneProduct3569 (Entrez Gene)
IL8GeneProduct3576 (Entrez Gene)
IRAK1GeneProduct3654 (Entrez Gene)
IRAK4GeneProduct51135 (Entrez Gene)
LTFGeneProduct4057 (Entrez Gene)
MAPK1GeneProduct5594 (Entrez Gene)
MYD88GeneProduct4615 (Entrez Gene)
NFKB1GeneProduct4790 (Entrez Gene)
RAGEGeneProduct177 (Entrez Gene)
TLR2GeneProduct7097 (Entrez Gene)
TLR4GeneProduct7099 (Entrez Gene)
TNFGeneProduct7124 (Entrez Gene)
TRAF6GeneProduct7189 (Entrez Gene)
TREM1GeneProduct54210 (Entrez Gene)

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