Non-homologous end joining (Homo sapiens)

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Ligase VKu70DNA-PKcsKu70DNA-PKcsKu80Ku80MRE11AKu70Ku70Ku80Ku80DNA-PKcsNbs1 ?Ku80XRCC4DNA-PKcsLigase VKu70Ku80NHEJ1DNA-PKcsDNA-PKcsXRCC4Ku70Ku70Ku80Ku80Ku80Ku80XLFRAD50Ku70Ku70DNA-PKcsDNA-PKcsKu70


(From Non-homologous end joining (NHEJ) is a pathway that repairs double-strand breaks in DNA. NHEJ is referred to as "non-homologous" because the break ends are directly ligated without the need for a homologous template, in contrast to homologous recombination, which requires a homologous sequence to guide repair. NHEJ is evolutionarily conserved throughout all kingdoms of life and is the predominant double-strand break repair pathway in mammalian cells.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
DNA-PKcsGeneProductENSG00000253729 (Ensembl)
Ku70GeneProductENSG00000196419 (Ensembl)
Ku80GeneProductENSG00000079246 (Ensembl)
Ligase VGeneProduct
MRE11AGeneProductENSG00000020922 (Ensembl)
NHEJ1GeneProductENSG00000187736 (Ensembl)
Nbs1 ?GeneProduct
RAD50GeneProductENSG00000113522 (Ensembl)
XLFGeneProduct79840 (Entrez Gene)
XRCC4GeneProductENSG00000152422 (Ensembl)

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