Eicosanoid lipid synthesis map (Mus musculus)

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In biochemistry, eicosanoids are signaling molecules made by oxidation of twenty-carbon essential fatty acids, (EFAs). They exert complex control over many bodily systems, mainly in inflammation or immunity, and as messengers in the central nervous system. Source: Wikipedia.

This pathway is inspired by the Lipidmaps>Eicosanoids pathway [1].

For Homo sapiens, the information from this pathway has been integrated with the pre-existing pathway at [2].

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
11-HETEMetaboliteQ27140010 (Wikidata)
15-deoxy-PGD2Metabolite5283052 (PubChem-compound)
15-deoxy-PGJ2Metabolite5311211 (PubChem-compound)
5-HETEMetabolite70608-72-9 (CAS)
AAMetaboliteLMFA01030001 (LIPID MAPS)
Alox5Protein11689 (Entrez Gene)
GPMetaboliteCHEBI:37739 (ChEBI)
PGD2MetaboliteQ419750 (Wikidata)
PGE2MetaboliteLMFA03010003 (LIPID MAPS)
PGF2aMetaboliteLMFA03010002 (LIPID MAPS)
PGG2MetaboliteLMFA03010009 (LIPID MAPS)
PGH2MetaboliteLMFA03010010 (LIPID MAPS)
PGJ2MetaboliteQ27088353 (Wikidata)
Pla2g4aProtein18783 (Entrez Gene)
Pla2g4bProtein211429 (Entrez Gene)
Pla2g5Protein18784 (Entrez Gene)
Pla2g6Protein53357 (Entrez Gene)
PtgdsProteinO09114 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
PtgesProtein64292 (Entrez Gene)
Ptgs1Protein74451 (Entrez Gene)
Ptgs2Protein19225 (Entrez Gene)

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