Rett syndrome causing genes (Homo sapiens)

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Protein - protein interaction between genes that are associated with Rett syndrome like phenotype according to the paper Ehrhart et al. 2018 "current developments in the genetics of Rett and Rett-like syndrome" Curr. Psy.

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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ACTL6BGeneProductENSG00000077080 (Ensembl)
BRAFGeneProductENSG00000157764 (Ensembl)
CDKL5 GeneProductENSG00000008086 (Ensembl)
CECR2GeneProductENSG00000099954 (Ensembl)
CHD4GeneProductENSG00000111642 (Ensembl)
CRKGeneProductENSG00000167193 (Ensembl)
EIF2B2GeneProductENSG00000119718 (Ensembl)
FOXG1 GeneProductENSG00000176165 (Ensembl)
GABBR2GeneProductENSG00000136928 (Ensembl)
GABRA3GeneProductENSG00000011677 (Ensembl)
GABRDGeneProductENSG00000187730 (Ensembl)
GNAO1GeneProductENSG00000087258 (Ensembl)
GPS2GeneProductENSG00000132522 (Ensembl)
GRIN2AGeneProductENSG00000183454 (Ensembl)
GRIN2BGeneProductENSG00000273079 (Ensembl)
HAP1GeneProductENSG00000173805 (Ensembl)
HDAC1GeneProductENSG00000116478 (Ensembl)
HDAC5GeneProductENSG00000108840 (Ensembl)
HDAC8GeneProductENSG00000147099 (Ensembl)
HIVEP2GeneProductENSG00000010818 (Ensembl) Type your comment here
HTTGeneProductENSG00000197386 (Ensembl)
IMPDH2GeneProductENSG00000178035 (Ensembl)
JARID1B GeneProductENSG00000117139 (Ensembl)
KCNJ10GeneProductENSG00000177807 (Ensembl)
KCNQ2GeneProductENSG00000281151 (Ensembl)
MECP2 GeneProductENSG00000169057 (Ensembl)
MEF2CGeneProductENSG00000081189 (Ensembl)
NCOR1GeneProductENSG00000141027 (Ensembl)
NCOR2GeneProductENSG00000196498 (Ensembl)
RHOBTB2GeneProductENSG00000008853 (Ensembl)
SATB2GeneProductENSG00000119042 (Ensembl)
SCN1AGeneProductENSG00000144285 (Ensembl)
SCN2AGeneProductENSG00000136531 (Ensembl)
SCN8AGeneProductENSG00000196876 (Ensembl)
SHANK3GeneProductENSG00000251322 (Ensembl)
SMARCA1GeneProductENSG00000102038 (Ensembl)
SMARCA2 GeneProductENSG00000080503 (Ensembl)
SMARCA4 GeneProductENSG00000127616 (Ensembl)
SMC1AGeneProductENSG00000072501 (Ensembl)
SRRM3GeneProductENSG00000177679 (Ensembl)
STXBP1GeneProductENSG00000136854 (Ensembl)
SYNE2GeneProductENSG00000054654 (Ensembl)
SYNGAP1GeneProductENSG00000197283 (Ensembl)
TAF1BGeneProductENSG00000115750 (Ensembl)
TBL1XGeneProductENSG00000101849 (Ensembl)
TBL1XR1GeneProductENSG00000177565 (Ensembl)
TCF4GeneProductENSG00000196628 (Ensembl)
TRRAPGeneProductENSG00000196367 (Ensembl)
XAB2GeneProductENSG00000076924 (Ensembl)

Annotated Interactions

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SourceTargetTypeDatabase referenceComment
CRKBRAFmim-gapNeurotrophin signaling pathway (KEGG Pathway) map04722 is ID corresponding to name of PW.
GABRDGABRA3mim-bindingmap05033 (KEGG Pathway) Nicotine addiction
GNAO1GABBR2mim-stimulationmap04727 (KEGG Pathway) GABAergic Synapse
GNAO1mim-inhibitionmap04728 (KEGG Pathway) Dopaminergic Synapse
GRIN2BGRIN2Amim-bindingmap05034 (KEGG Pathway) Alcoholism
HAP1GABRA3mim-bindingmap04727 (KEGG Pathway) GABAergic synapse
HAP1GABRDmim-bindingmap04727 (KEGG Pathway) GABAergic synapse
HDAC5mim-stimulationmap05203 (KEGG Pathway) Viral carcinogenesis
HDAC8HDAC5mim-bindingmap05034 (KEGG Pathway) Alcoholism
HTTGRIN2Bmim-cleavagemap05016 (KEGG Pathway) Huntington Disease
KCNJ10GABBR2mim-stimulationR-HSA-1013011 (Reactome) GABA B receptor G-protein beta-gamma and Kir3 channel complex
SYNE2SMC1Amim-gapR-HSA-1221632 (Reactome) Meiotic synapsis pathway
TAF1BCHD4mim-stimulationR-HSA-427359 (Reactome) SIRT1 negatively regulates rRNA expression
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