Oxidative stress response (Mus musculus)

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Immediate-earlygene inductionrepressionReactive Oxygen SpeciesTF activationActivationStress-regulated MAP kinaseRepression of ROS-producing systemsTF inhibitionAdaptive responseInduction ofantioxidant genesInhibition of oxidasesGclcCatTxn2Nfkb1Mapk10FosJunbNRF2B1Hmox1Ugt1a1Gstt2XdhMgst1Gpx3Cyp1a1Mt1Sod2GsrNfixMapk14Sp1Nqo1Sod3MaoaCybaTxnrd1Gpx1Sod1Txnrd2


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Adapted from Biochem J 1999 Sep 15;342 Pt 3:481-96 Morel Y, Barouki R. Repression of gene expression by oxidative stress. Biochem J 1999 Sep 15;342 Pt 3:481-96
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Adapted from rat by GenMAPP.org

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
CatGeneProduct12359 (Entrez Gene)
CybaGeneProduct13057 (Entrez Gene) Probe set ID: u18729
Cyp1a1GeneProduct13076 (Entrez Gene)
FosGeneProduct14281 (Entrez Gene)
GclcGeneProduct14629 (Entrez Gene)
Gpx1GeneProduct14775 (Entrez Gene)
Gpx3GeneProduct14778 (Entrez Gene)
GsrGeneProduct14782 (Entrez Gene)
Gstt2GeneProduct14872 (Entrez Gene)
Hmox1GeneProduct15368 (Entrez Gene)
JunbGeneProduct16477 (Entrez Gene)
MaoaGeneProduct17161 (Entrez Gene)
Mapk10GeneProduct26414 (Entrez Gene)
Mapk14GeneProduct26416 (Entrez Gene)
Mgst1GeneProduct56615 (Entrez Gene)
Mt1GeneProduct17748 (Entrez Gene)
NRF2B1GeneProduct14391 (Entrez Gene)
NfixGeneProduct18032 (Entrez Gene)
Nfkb1GeneProduct18033 (Entrez Gene)
Nqo1GeneProduct18104 (Entrez Gene)
Sod1GeneProduct20655 (Entrez Gene)
Sod2GeneProduct20656 (Entrez Gene)
Sod3GeneProduct20657 (Entrez Gene)
Sp1GeneProduct20683 (Entrez Gene)
Txn2GeneProduct56551 (Entrez Gene)
Txnrd1GeneProduct50493 (Entrez Gene)
Txnrd2GeneProduct26462 (Entrez Gene)
Ugt1a1GeneProduct394436 (Entrez Gene)
XdhGeneProduct29289 (Entrez Gene)

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