Exercise-induced Circadian Regulation (Homo sapiens)

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3mLvrpmHrtsmHrtsmHrts mLvrs, mSCNpmLvrp mSCNpmLvrs,pmHrts mLvrpmLvrpSignalingmHrts mLvrs,p mSCNmHrtsmSCNpmLvrs,pmHrtsmSCNpmHrtsOthermLvrsmHrts, mLvrsmHrtsmLvrpStructural/CytoskeletonmLvrsMetabolismmLvrs,pmLvrp, mSCNpmSCNpmHrts LvrspmHrtsNucleusmLvrpmLvrsmHrts mLvrsmHrts mLvrs,pmLvrpDNA/RNA BindingOrtholog references:mHrtsmLvrsProtein ModificationmSCNpmHrtsmLvrpmLvrsmHrtsmSCNpCell CyclemHrts mLvrs,p mSCNpmLvrs,p SCNpTranscriptionmLvrs,pmLvrs,pmHrtsChaperonemSCNpmHrts mLvrsmLvrp mSCNpmHrtsmLvrs21TOB1IDI1AZIN1TUBB3NCKAP1DAZAP2CLOCKHLA-DMAGSTP1PPP2CBCRY1CRY2PER1PURAGFRA1UGP2CBX3MAP3K7IP2NCOA4G0S2PPP1R3CNR1D2ETV6SUMO3SF3A3GENX-3414PSMA4HIST1H2BNRBPMSCASTKLF9ZFRHERPUD1EIF4G2BTG1CLDN5PIGFDNAJA1MYF6GSTM3SUMO1PER2QKIUCP3HSPA8VAPAARNTLCEBPBLREE-BoxLREE-BoxPER1PER2CRY1CRY2CRY2CRY1PER2PER1


Human genes regulated in the diurnal comparison with orthologues that display circadian regulation in mouse heart and liver (Panda 2002, Storch 2002), and SCN (Panda 2002). The 608 significantly regulated (P < 0.05) hSkM genes identified in the diurnal comparison (0800 h and 2000 h) were subjected to an additional statistical filter of absolute fold change > 20% (n = 239) and linked to mouse circadianally regulated orthologues. This pathway represents the resultant 44 putative hSkM circadianally regulated genes; L, promoter for the light-responsive element; E, E-box (Clock/Bmal1 promoter). Orthologue information is denoted to the left of the gene boxes: mHrts and mLvrs, mouse orthologue was circadianally regulated as described (Storch 2002) in mouse heart or liver, respectively; mLvrp and mSCNp, mouse orthologue was diurnally regulated as described (Panda 2002) in mouse liver or SCN, respectively.

Based on Zambon et al, Genome Biol. 2003;4(10):R61.

Proteins on this pathway have targeted assays available via the CPTAC Assay Portal

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  1. Storch KF, Lipan O, Leykin I, Viswanathan N, Davis FC, Wong WH, Weitz CJ; ''Extensive and divergent circadian gene expression in liver and heart.''; Nature, 2002 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia
  2. Panda S, Antoch MP, Miller BH, Su AI, Schook AB, Straume M, Schultz PG, Kay SA, Takahashi JS, Hogenesch JB; ''Coordinated transcription of key pathways in the mouse by the circadian clock.''; Cell, 2002 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia
  3. Zambon AC, McDearmon EL, Salomonis N, Vranizan KM, Johansen KL, Adey D, Takahashi JS, Schambelan M, Conklin BR; ''Time- and exercise-dependent gene regulation in human skeletal muscle.''; Genome Biol, 2003 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ARNTLGeneProduct406 (Entrez Gene)
AZIN1GeneProduct51582 (Entrez Gene) 101002 at
BTG1GeneProduct694 (Entrez Gene) 93104 at
CASTGeneProduct26059 (Entrez Gene) 93829 at
CBX3GeneProduct11335 (Entrez Gene) 100405 at
CEBPBGeneProduct1051 (Entrez Gene) 92925 at
CLDN5GeneProduct7122 (Entrez Gene) 104516 at
CLOCKGeneProduct9575 (Entrez Gene)
CRY1GeneProduct1407 (Entrez Gene)
CRY2GeneProduct1408 (Entrez Gene)
DAZAP2GeneProduct9802 (Entrez Gene) 94454 at
DNAJA1GeneProduct3301 (Entrez Gene) 97261 at
EIF4G2GeneProduct1982 (Entrez Gene) 100535 at
ETV6GeneProduct2120 (Entrez Gene) 93866 s at
G0S2GeneProduct50486 (Entrez Gene) 97531 at
GENX-3414GeneProduct8987 (Entrez Gene) 104116 at
GFRA1GeneProduct2674 (Entrez Gene) 93872 at
GSTM3GeneProduct2947 (Entrez Gene) 97681 f at
GSTP1GeneProduct2950 (Entrez Gene) 99583 at
HERPUD1GeneProduct9709 (Entrez Gene) 95057 at
HIST1H2BNGeneProduct8341 (Entrez Gene) 93833 s at
HLA-DMAGeneProduct3108 (Entrez Gene) 162346 f at
HSPA8GeneProduct3312 (Entrez Gene) 96564 at
IDI1GeneProduct3422 (Entrez Gene) 96269 at
KLF9GeneProduct687 (Entrez Gene) 93527 at
MAP3K7IP2GeneProduct23118 (Entrez Gene) 160309 at
MYF6GeneProduct4618 (Entrez Gene) 102265 at
NCKAP1GeneProduct10787 (Entrez Gene) 95508 at
NCOA4GeneProduct8031 (Entrez Gene) 97843 at
NR1D2GeneProduct9975 (Entrez Gene) 99076 at
PER1GeneProduct5187 (Entrez Gene)
PER2GeneProduct8864 (Entrez Gene)
PIGFGeneProduct5281 (Entrez Gene) 104725 at
PPP1R3CGeneProduct5507 (Entrez Gene) 93933 at
PPP2CBGeneProduct5516 (Entrez Gene) 101101 at
PSMA4GeneProduct5685 (Entrez Gene) 97459 at
PURAGeneProduct5813 (Entrez Gene) 103501 at
QKIGeneProduct9444 (Entrez Gene) 95096 at (mouse)
RBPMSGeneProduct11030 (Entrez Gene) 103888 at
SF3A3GeneProduct10946 (Entrez Gene) 96029 at
SUMO1GeneProduct7341 (Entrez Gene) 101091 at
SUMO3GeneProduct6612 (Entrez Gene) 95424 at
TOB1GeneProduct10140 (Entrez Gene) 99532 at
TUBB3GeneProduct10381 (Entrez Gene) 94835 f at
UCP3GeneProduct7352 (Entrez Gene) 93392 at
UGP2GeneProduct7360 (Entrez Gene) 94481 at
VAPAGeneProduct9218 (Entrez Gene) 94889 at
ZFRGeneProduct51663 (Entrez Gene) 104050 at

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