Nucleotide Metabolism (Homo sapiens)

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PolyamineSynthesisNDPsDNADNA SynthesisdNTPsdNDPsIMPDH1SAICARPOLGNME2POLD1SATOrnithinePOLBXanthine monophosphateADSLSpermineGuanineHypoxanthinePRPS2AdenineRRM2MTHFD2SRMAICARPRPPUric AcidRRM1ADSSSpermidineAdenylosuccinateHPRT1POLAGMPPRPS1PutrescineRRM2BIMPGMPRiboseOAZ1AMPRRM1GMPDHFR


The pathway outlined above focuses on purine metabolism and in particular that of guanine metabolism.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ADSLGeneProduct158 (Entrez Gene)
ADSSGeneProduct159 (Entrez Gene)
AICARMetabolite3031-94-5 (CAS)
AMPMetaboliteHMDB03540 (HMDB)
AdenineMetabolite73-24-5 (CAS)
AdenylosuccinateMetabolite15919 (ChEBI)
DHFRGeneProduct1719 (Entrez Gene)
GMPMetabolite85-32-5 (CAS)
GuanineMetabolite73-40-5 (CAS)
HPRT1GeneProduct3251 (Entrez Gene)
HypoxanthineMetabolite68-94-0 (CAS)
IMPMetabolite17202 (ChEBI)
IMPDH1GeneProduct3614 (Entrez Gene)
MTHFD2GeneProduct10797 (Entrez Gene)
NME2GeneProduct4831 (Entrez Gene)
OAZ1GeneProduct4946 (Entrez Gene)
OrnithineMetabolite70-26-8 (CAS)
POLAGeneProduct5422 (Entrez Gene)
POLBGeneProduct5423 (Entrez Gene)
POLD1GeneProduct5424 (Entrez Gene)
POLGGeneProduct5428 (Entrez Gene)
PRPPMetabolite97-55-2 (CAS)
PRPS1GeneProduct5631 (Entrez Gene) Mouse: AA110812
PRPS2GeneProduct5634 (Entrez Gene)
PutrescineMetabolite110-60-1 (CAS)
RRM1GeneProduct6240 (Entrez Gene)
RRM2GeneProduct6241 (Entrez Gene)
RRM2BGeneProduct50484 (Entrez Gene)
RiboseMetabolite50-69-1 (CAS)
SAICARMetabolite3031-95-6 (CAS)
SATGeneProduct6303 (Entrez Gene)
SRMGeneProduct6723 (Entrez Gene)
SpermidineMetabolite124-20-9 (CAS)
SpermineMetabolite71-44-3 (CAS)
Uric AcidMetabolite69-93-2 (CAS)
Xanthine monophosphateMetabolite69-89-6 (CAS)

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