Triacylglyceride Synthesis (Mus musculus)

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Glycerol-3-phosphateDihydroxyacetone phosphateMonoacylglycerolacyldihydroxyacetonephosphateOnly 1 of these enzymes is neededFatty Acyl CoATriacylglycerolGlycerolPhosphatic acidPathFatty acyl CoADegradationLysophosphatic AcidOnly 1 of these enzymes is neededDihydroxyacetonephosphateDiacylglycerolFatty Acyl CoADgat2LplLipcLipeGpd1LipfPpap2aMogat3Gk2Agpat3GykPpap2bDgat1AgpsPnpla2Agpat4GnpatAYR1Mogat1Fatty Acid BiosynthesisMogat2Agpat5Agpat1Fatty Acid BiosynthesisPpap2cGpamAgpat2


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Created by Magali Jaillard, Marijke Vermeer, Michiel Adrieans, Ron Schormans and Chris Evelo, see website.
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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
Agpat1GeneProduct55979 (Entrez Gene)
Agpat2GeneProduct67512 (Entrez Gene)
Agpat3GeneProduct28169 (Entrez Gene)
Agpat4GeneProduct68262 (Entrez Gene)
Agpat5GeneProduct52123 (Entrez Gene)
AgpsGeneProduct228061 (Entrez Gene)
Dgat1GeneProduct13350 (Entrez Gene)
Dgat2GeneProduct67800 (Entrez Gene)
Dihydroxyacetone phosphateMetabolite
Fatty Acid BiosynthesisPathwayWP336 (WikiPathways)
Fatty Acyl CoAMetabolite
Fatty acyl CoAMetabolite
Gk2GeneProduct14626 (Entrez Gene)
GlycerolMetaboliteCHEBI:17754 (ChEBI)
GnpatGeneProduct14712 (Entrez Gene)
GpamGeneProduct14732 (Entrez Gene)
Gpd1GeneProduct14555 (Entrez Gene)
GykGeneProduct14933 (Entrez Gene)
LipcGeneProduct15450 (Entrez Gene)
LipeGeneProduct16890 (Entrez Gene)
LipfGeneProduct67717 (Entrez Gene)
LplGeneProduct16956 (Entrez Gene)
Lysophosphatic AcidMetabolite
Mogat1GeneProductQ91ZV4 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
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Mogat2GeneProduct233549 (Entrez Gene)
Mogat3GeneProductType your comment here
Phosphatic acidMetabolite
Pnpla2GeneProduct66853 (Entrez Gene)
Ppap2aGeneProduct19012 (Entrez Gene)
Ppap2bGeneProduct67916 (Entrez Gene)
Ppap2cGeneProduct50784 (Entrez Gene)

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