Interleukin-20 family signaling (Homo sapiens)

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1, 14, 4029, 42, 4693, 2227, 324, 18, 49, 5129, 435, 263947, 5320, 24, 5010, 12, 34, 52510, 194223, 3225422542114230, 322142, 46, 4717, 425, 6, 1514, 42, 534214, 42, 464450232, 14, 33, 422942, 4629, 42, 4611, 3642, 5329, 46, 47416, 44, 4710, 12, 194216, 44, 475, 6, 15, 4571113, 30, 35232329, 43711, 365295, 15, 48cytosolnucleoplasmIL20RA ADPIL20RA ADPp-Y1022,Y1023-JAK1 IL22IL22 IFNL1 IL22 p-Y-251,p-Y301-IL22RA1 IL20RB 2 x p-STAT3IL24 IL26 IFNL2 IL20:IL22RA1:JAK1:IL20RBADPJAK1 IL22RA1 IL24 p-STAT4 IL24p-Y-251,p-Y301-IL22RA1 JAK1 p-Y1022,Y1023-JAK1 p-Y1022,Y1023-JAK1 p-JAK1 STAT3 IL20RA ATPIL20RA p-STAT1ADPp-Y705-STAT3 IL20RA STAT5 JAK1 IL24:IL20RA:p-JAK1:IL20RB:STAT1,STAT3IL20RAp-Y1007,Y1008-JAK2 p-Y343-Y517-IFNLR1 IL22RA1:JAK1:IL20RBATPIL20RBIFNLR1:JAK1IL22:p-Y251,p-Y301-IL22RA1:p-JAK1:PTPN11:IL10RB:p-TYK2:p-Y705-STAT3STAT3 TYK2 p-STAT3 IL20RA p-JAK1 IL10RB JAK1 IL26:IL20RA:JAK1p-Y705-STAT3 IL22:IL22RA1:JAK1IL10RBIL19:IL20RA:JAK1:IL20RBp-STAT3 STAT3 IL24 p-JAK1 IL19 p-Y649-STAT5A, p-STAT5B IL10RB IL20RA IL22RA1 IFNL2,IFNL3:IFNLR1:JAK1:IL10RB:TYK2IFNLR1 ATPIFNL1IL24:IL22RA1:p-JAK1:IL20RBADPIL20RB IL10RB IFNLR1 p-Y705-STAT3 p-STAT3 JAK1 ADPSTAT4 p-STAT3 JAK1 IL20RB IFNL1:p-Y343-Y517-IFNLR1:p-JAK1:IL10RB:p-TYK2:STAT1,STAT2, STAT3, STAT4, STAT5IL10RB IL26 p-Y705-STAT3 JAK1 STAT1 p-STAT1 IL10RB IL24:IL20RA:p-Y1022,Y1023-JAK1:IL20RBIFNLR1IL26:IL10RB:p-TYK2:IL20RA:p-JAK1:p-STAT1, p-STAT3IL20RB JAK1 IL19 IL20RA IL20RB IL20RA IL26 ADPIL10RB p-TYK2 p-TYK2 p-STAT1 p-JAK1 STAT3 JAK1 IL10RB IL20RB IL20:IL20RA:JAK1:IL20RB:p-Y1007,Y1008-JAK2,p-JAK3IL20RB IL20RA IL20RA p-TYK2 STAT2 IL22RA1 p-TYK2 p-JAK1 JAK2 IL10RB IL26 IL20RA IL22 STAT2 STAT1 PTPN11 JAK1 p-JAK1 STAT3 JAK1 ADPJAK1 TYK2 IL26:IL20RA:JAK1:IL10RB:TYK2p-JAK1 IL20RA:JAK1:IL20RBIL20RB IL20RA p-STAT3p-STAT3 2 x p-STAT1IL20:IL20RA:JAK1:IL20RBATPp-TYK2 ADPSTAT1 p-STAT4 STAT3PTPN11 IL20RB IFNL1 IL20RB IL20:IL20RA:JAK1:IL20RB:p-Y1007,Y1008-JAK2,p-JAK3:STAT3p-Y1007,Y1008-JAK2 IL10RB IFNL1:p-Y343-Y517-IFNLR1:p-JAK1:IL10RB:p-TYK2:p-STAT1, p-Y-STAT2, p-STAT3IL22:IL22RA1:p-JAK1:IL10RB:p-TYK2IFNL3 ATPSTAT3 IL19:IL20RA:p-JAK1:IL20RB:p-Y705-STAT32 x p-STAT1p-STAT3 IL10RB IL10RB IL22RA1 p-TYK2 p-JAK1 IL22RA1JAK1p-STAT3 STAT4 TYK2 IL20RA p-TYK2 IL22 IL10RB TYK2IL26:IL10RB:p-TYK2:IL20RA:p-JAK1:STAT1,STAT3JAK1 PTPN11ATPIL10RB STAT3ATPIL19:IL20RA:p-JAK1:IL20RB:STAT3IL20RA p-STAT1, p-STAT3IL20JAK3 STAT1 IL20 STAT3 STAT3 SOCS3 geneTYK2 STAT1, STAT3IL20RB IL24:IL22RA1:JAK1:IL20RBIL22 p-JAK1 ADPIL20RA p-Y343-Y517-IFNLR1 STAT1 p-JAK1 STAT1, STAT3ATPIL22:IL22RA1:JAK1:IL10RB:TYK2p-Y343-Y517-IFNLR1 IL20RA IL20 IFNL1 IFNL3 p-JAK1 IL26IL24 IFNL2 JAK1p-TYK2 IL24:IL20RA:p-Y1022,Y1023-JAK1:IL20RB:p-STAT1,p-STAT3IL20RB IL20 IL20RB ADPp-STAT3 IL24:IL20RA:JAK1:IL20RBADPTYK2 IL22 ATPJAK1 p-STAT1 STAT1, STAT2, STAT3,STAT4, STAT5IFNL1:IFNLR1:p-JAK1:IL10RB:p-TYK2IL26 p-TYK2 IL19p-Y-251,p-Y301-IL22RA1 p-JAK3 p-JAK3 JAK1 IL24 p-Y-STAT2 p-Y705-STAT3 dimerIL24 IL22RA2:IL22IL10RB IL20:IL20RA:JAK1:IL20RB:JAK2,JAK3IL19 IL20RB p-Y-251,p-Y301-IL22RA1 IL19:IL20RA:p-JAK1:IL20RBp-TYK2 IL20IL20:IL20RA:JAK1:IL20RB:p-Y1007,Y1008-JAK2,p-JAK3:p-STAT3p-Y1022,Y1023-JAK1 p-Y1022,Y1023-JAK1 IL20RA IL20RB JAK1 p-STAT1 IL24IL20RA:JAK1IL10RB IL22RA1 IL10RB:TYK2IL10RB IL22RA1 ADPIL22:p-Y251,p-Y301-IL22RA1:p-JAK1:IL10RB:p-TYK2p-TYK2 IL20RB IL24:IL22RA1:p-JAK1:IL20RB:p-STAT3IL20RB IL20RB IL20 IL20RA IL22RA2 p-Y649-STAT5A, p-STAT5B TYK2 p-JAK1 IFNLR1 ATPSTAT5 JAK1 p-JAK3 STAT1 IL22RA1:JAK1IFNL1:p-Y343-Y517-IFNLR1:p-JAK1:IL10RB:p-TYK2IL20RA ATPJAK2, JAK3p-JAK1 p-STAT3 JAK1IL22RA1 ATPp-Y1007,Y1008-JAK2 IL19 IL22RA1 ATPIL10RB:TYK2IL22 p-Y705-STAT3IL24:IL22RA1:p-JAK1:IL20RB:STAT3JAK3 IFNL1 IL22 IL10RB IL24 PTPN11 JAK1 IL10RB IFNLR1 p-JAK1 IL22RA2ADPATPSTAT3 ADPp-JAK1 SOCS3 mRNAIL24 IL20RB p-STAT1 IL22:p-Y251,p-Y301-IL22RA1:p-JAK1:PTPN11:IL10RB:p-TYK2IL22RA1 p-STAT1, p-Y-STAT2,p-STAT3,p-STAT4,p-STAT5IL22RA1 JAK1 IL20RB IL20 ATPIFNL2,IFNL32xp-STAT3IL22:p-Y251,p-Y301-IL22RA1:p-JAK1:PTPN11:IL10RB:p-TYK2:STAT3IFNL1:IFNLR1:JAK1:IL10RB:TYK2p-Y1022,Y1023-JAK1 p-STAT1 IL20 p-Y-STAT2 p-TYK2 ATPIL26:IL10RB:p-TYK2:IL20RA:p-JAK1STAT3p-STAT1 p-Y705-STAT3 dimerIFNL1 JAK2 STAT3 ADPp-JAK1 729878, 38268, 38328, 3874141328, 388, 38378, 382928328, 388, 38378, 388, 38268, 388, 38283129288, 387298, 38298502950328, 388, 38


The interleukin 20 (IL20) subfamily comprises IL19, IL20, IL22, IL24 and IL26. They are members of the larger IL10 family, but have been grouped together based on their usage of common receptor subunits and similarities in their target cell profiles and biological functions. Members of the IL20 subfamily facilitate the communication between leukocytes and epithelial cells, thereby enhancing innate defence mechanisms and tissue repair processes at epithelial surfaces. Much of the understanding of this group of cytokines is based on IL22, which is the most studied member (Rutz et al. 2014, Akdis M et al. 2016, Longsdon et al. 2012). View original pathway at:Reactome.


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