Hypothetical Craniofacial Development Pathway (Homo sapiens)

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Hypothetical pathway linking cranio-facial development pathway (IRF6, TP63, TFAP2A, and TGFB3) to Rho signaling pathway through ARHGAP29 regulation. Authors of literature suspect that a decrease of ARHGAP29 concentration would result in more active form, Rho-GTP, which would down-regulate cranio-facial development genes. An implication of this active Rho-GTP may be the formation of cleft lip. This pathway is based on figure 4 from Leslie et al.

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  1. Leslie EJ, Mansilla MA, Biggs LC, Schuette K, Bullard S, Cooper M, Dunnwald M, Lidral AC, Marazita ML, Beaty TH, Murray JC; ''Expression and mutation analyses implicate ARHGAP29 as the etiologic gene for the cleft lip with or without cleft palate locus identified by genome-wide association on chromosome 1p22.''; Birth Defects Res A Clin Mol Teratol, 2012 PubMed


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ARHGAP29GeneProductENSG00000137962 (Ensembl)
Cell MigrationPathwayIdentifier Not Found
GDPMetaboliteHMDB00960 (HMDB)
GEFGeneProductENSG00000275340 (Ensembl)
GTPMetaboliteHMDB01440 (HMDB)
IRF6GeneProductENSG00000117595 (Ensembl)
RHOAGeneProductENSG00000067560 (Ensembl)
RhoAGeneProductENSG00000067560 (Ensembl)
TFAP2AGeneProductENSG00000137203 (Ensembl)
TGFB3GeneProductENSG00000119699 (Ensembl)
TP63GeneProductENSG00000073282 (Ensembl)
WNTGeneProductENSG00000125084 (Ensembl) WNT Not Specified

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