Gene Silencing by RNA (Homo sapiens)

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2, 12, 20, 31, 60...9, 10, 14, 27, 32...9, 10, 14, 27, 30...359916, 27, 47, 61, 63...49, 88, 92, 10940, 44, 8940, 44, 899, 11, 16, 27, 41...16, 47, 61, 63, 67...16, 47, 61, 63, 67...21, 39, 54, 62, 10021, 28, 39, 58, 62...2817, 25, 29, 39, 45...5, 11, 15, 19, 22...3, 9, 14, 27, 42...18, 26, 97, 103, 1071, 5, 7, 24, 28...51, 53, 65, 95, 1104, 9, 14, 27, 42...819, 22, 50, 755, 19, 22, 34, 36...13, 23, 87nucleoplasmcytosolTARBP2,PRKRARLC:duplex miRNAEIF2C3 TNRC6A Nup45 TARBP2,PRKRA:DICER1:Pre-RISC (siRNA)TDRD9 TNRC6A6xMeR-PIWIL2:TDRD1:TDRD12:DDX4:ASZ:MOV10L1TDRKH EIF2C4 EIF2C1 RAN HIST1H2BK HIST1H2BH DDX4 H2BFS miRNA 6xMeR-PIWIL2 4xMeR-PIWIL1:TDRD6:TDRKHTARBP2 POLR2A AdoHcyNUP98-3 MeR-PIWIL4:TDRD9:MAEL:TDRKHpiRNA miRNA HIST1H2AJ duplex siRNA NUP155 HIST2H2AC HIST1H2BL RNA Polymerase IIholoenzyme complex(unphosphorylated)POLR2J POLR2D NUP35 TDRD12 6xMeR-PIWIL2:TDRD1:TDRD12:DDX4:ASZ:MOV10L1pre-piRNAH2AFX SEH1L-2 NUP85 DDX4 pre-piRNA HIST1H2BM 2'-O-methyl-piRNA TNRC6:RISC:TargetRNA (inexact match)XPO5 miRNA 2'-O-methyl-piRNA RISCEIF2C3 DDX4 POLR2I MAEL FKBP6 AGO2:siRNATNRC6B MeR-PIWIL4 HIST1H2AB EIF2C3 miRNA geneHIST3H2BB Cleaved transposon RNA POLR2E TNRC6:Nonendonucleolytic RISC:Target RNA (exact match)EIF2C2 Endonucleolytic RISCTARBP2 HIST2H2AC EIF2C4 HIST1H4 POLR2I HIST1H2BN ASZ1 POLR2L primary piRNAtranscriptHIST1H3A NUP98-5 AdoMetNUP188 DICER1 EIF2C4 POLR2K TARBP2,PRKRA RLCEIF2C3 AGO2:miRNAEIF2C4 POLR2A 4xMeR-PIWIL1:piRNA:TDRD6:TDRKH4xMeR-PIWIL1 pri-microRNADNA siRNA HIST1H2BC MeR-PIWIL4:piRNA:TDRD9:MAEL:TDRKHGDP TARBP2,PRKRA:DICER1:RISC (miRNA)pre-microRNAAGO2 PRKRA pre-microRNA with 3' overhang H2AFZ TNRC6C XPO5 POLR2D MOV10L1 HIST1H2BO TNRC6A:AGO2:miRNAHIST2H3A ASZ1 ASZ1 miRNA DDX4 TNRC6A:AGO2:miRNAEIF2C3 TDRD12 Double-stranded RNAHIST1H2BO MOV10L1 NUP107 EIF2C1 AGO2:duplex siRNAHENMT1TDRD12 miRNA DICER1 TDRD6 RNA (exact match)HIST1H2BJ PRKRA HIST1H2BD AGO2 TDRKH TARBP2 IPO8:RAN:GTPRAN 6xMeR-PIWIL2:2'-O-methyl-piRNA:TDRD1:TDRD12:DDX4:ASZ:MOV10L1AGO2 EIF2C2 EIF2C1 TNRC6A MAEL siRNA GTP TPR GTP NUPL2 TDRD6 ASZ1 AGO2 RNA (inexact match) NDC1 TDRKHPOLR2D ChromatinMYBL1MeR-PIWIL4 H3F3A POLR2G NUP160 RNA (exact match) TARBP2,PRKRA:DICER1:RISC (siRNA)POLR2A 6xMeR-PIWIL2:2'-O-methyl-piRNA:cleaved transposon RNA:TDRD1:TDRD12:DDX4:ASZ:MOV10L1AdoMet2'-O-methyl-piRNA POLR2I MeR-PIWIL4 TNRC6B DDX4 HENMT1piRNA AGO2 HIST1H2BA GTP AGO2 EIF2C3 TDRKH EIF2C2 TDRD1 Nonendonucleolytic RISC 6xMeR-PIWIL2:piRNA:TDRD1:TDRD12:DDX4:ASZ:MOV10L1MAELHIST2H2AA3 HIST2H2BE NUP50 H2AFB1 primary piRNAtranscriptBCDIN3Ddimethyl-5'-phospho-pre-miR-145 miRNA POLR2B piRNA POLR2C 4xMeR-PIWIL1 DICER1 POLR2K HENMT1duplex miRNA HIST1H2BB H2AFV IPO8TDRD9 duplex siRNA with cleaved passenger strand HIST1H2AD POLR2F Cleaved RNA with 5'Phosphate and 3'HydroxylsiRNA PRKRA DDX4 PiH2AFX POM121 RAN:GDP:Exportin-5POLR2J TDRKH TDRD9H2AFZ AGO1,2:miRNANUPL1-2 AGO2 RNA (inexact match)EIF2C3 HIST1H2BK HIST1H2BM TDRD1 AGO2 NUP88 EIF2C2 siRNA POLR2C EIF2C4 6xMeR-PIWIL2 AdoHcyEIF2C1 miRNA POLR2J pre-miR-145,23bHIST1H2BB TDRD1 PLD6 dimer6xMeR-PIWIL2 Transposon RNADDX4 Endonucleolytic RISC POLR2B HIST1H2BN RANBP2 6xMeR-PIWIL2 POLR2F AGO2:miRNAH2AFJ TSN TDRD1 POLR2H POLR2L TARBP2,PRKRA:DICER1:Pre-RISC (miRNA)TNRC6C duplex siRNA TNRC6A EIF2C1 HIST1H2AD DICER1 RNA Polymerase IIholoenzyme complex(generic)TDRKH HIST3H2BB POLR2A POLR2E AGO2 TNRC6A HIST1H2BH HIST2H2BE AdoMetPOLR2C 6xMeR-PIWIL2 EIF2C1 MeR-PIWIL4 4xMeR-PIWIL1 XPO5 dimethyl-5'-phospho-pre-miR-23b pre-miR-145 TDRD1 PRKRA EIF2C1 TDRD6 TNRC6C AGO2 miRNA FKBP6:HSP90AA1Cleaved transposon RNA TDRD9 TDRKH HIST2H3A TDRD12 EIF2C1 TDRD12 TNRC6A PLD6 DICER1 IPO8:AGO2:miRNAduplex siRNA POM121C MAEL POLR2D HIST1H2BD POLR2H POLR2C HSP90AA1 POLR2K AGO2 TDRD6 MicroProcessorComplexMeR-PIWIL4:cleavedtransposonRNA:TDRD9:MAEL:TDRKHH3F3A POLR2L POLR2I TDRD12 Endonucleolytic RISC miRNA NUP210 EIF2C3 TARBP2 TDRKH EIF2C1 PRKRA POLR2L POLR2H H2AFB1 NUP93 TARBP2,PRKRARLC:duplex siRNAIPO8 4xMeR-PIWIL1:pre-piRNA:TDRD6:TDRKH4xMeR-PIWIL1 MOV10L1 POLR2B POLR2G POLR2K HIST1H2AB duplex miRNA NUP133 EIF2C1 POLR2B RAN HIST1H3A HIST1H2BC MAEL pre-piRNA DICER1 TDRKH HIST1H2AC DNA POLR2G TSNAX dimethyl-5'-phospho-pre-miR-145,23bGTP NUP214 H2AFV MeR-PIWIL4:2'-O-methyl-piRNATNRC6 (GW182)MeR-PIWIL4:2'-O-methyl-piRNA:TDRD9:MAEL:TDRKH2'-O-methyl-piRNA Nuclear Pore Complex(NPC)6xMeR-PIWIL2:cleavedtransposonRNA:TDRD1:TDRD12:DDX4:ASZ:MOV10L1POLR2E RAN NUP62 HIST2H2AA3 TARBP2 pre-miRNA:RAN:GTP:Exportin-5HIST1H2AC POLR2G PRKRA 6xMeR-PIWIL2 piRNA locus (DNA)AdoHcyPOLR2E TDRD12 H2BFS MOV10L1 pre-microRNA with 3'overhangAGO2:cleaved duplexsiRNAEIF2C3 AGO2 AGO1,2:miRNA:chromatin:RNA pol IIASZ1 HIST1H2BA HIST1H2AJ RNA Polymerase IIholoenzyme complex(generic)6xMeR-PIWIL2:pre-piRNA:TDRD1:TDRD12:DDX4:ASZ:MOV10L1TDRD9 MeR-PIWIL4 NUP205 POLR2F EIF2C4 NUP54 AGO2 RAN DROSHA HIST1H2BJ Cleaved transposon RNA NUP43 pre-miR-23b NonendonucleolyticRISCPOLR2J EIF2C4 RAN:GTPDICER1 HIST1H2BL AGO2 NUP98-4 EIF2C4 NUP37 AdoHcyTNRC6B AAAS MOV10L1 H2AFJ EIF2C1 C3POTARBP2 TDRD1 HIST1H4 MOV10L1 miRNA 4xMeR-PIWIL1:2'-O-methyl-piRNA:TDRD6:TDRKHsiRNA 6xMeR-PIWIL2 TARBP2 IPO8 Ran:GTP:Exportin-52'-O-methyl-piRNA POLR2F NUP153 RAE1 EIF2C4 AdoMetPOLR2H ASZ1 miRNA DGCR8 Nonendonucleolytic RISC ASZ1 MOV10L1 TDRD1 PRKRA 77108999624, 73108108741086, 37, 85, 1069955, 592110896108108282899


In this module, the biology of various types of regulatory non-coding RNAs are described. Currently, biogenesis and functions of small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) and microRNAs are annotated. View original pathway at:Reactome.


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