Beta-catenin independent WNT signaling (Homo sapiens)

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4, 10, 13, 28, 36...27, 4223, 5213, 41, 9994, 119, 12428, 49, 55, 56, 60...35, 75, 9822, 51, 63, 81, 89...19, 40, 8794, 119, 12484, 1134251, 81, 119, 1248, 74, 79, 11792, 10076, 12521, 91, 101, 11926, 43, 50, 62, 8511120, 34, 41, 72, 8811, 4817, 31, 36, 38, 50...88, 1075, 9, 8441, 45, 78, 88864229836, 17, 38, 63, 1084576, 9729, 58, 88837667, 70, 86, 103, 10625, 32, 44, 7114, 53, 54, 57, 65...7, 35, 47, 75, 112...13, 41, 9927, 4276294176, 9627, 42, 648, 66, 74, 79, 117...211, 2, 12, 77, 80...11, 16, 48, 10418, 30, 35, 39, 69...nucleoplasmendoplasmic reticulum lumenclathrin-coated endocytic vesiclecytosolTCF7 FZD4 GNB2 GNG11 pp-DVL1 GNG10 GNAO1 PSMA3 PLCB2 WNT:FZD:pDVLPARD6A:pp-DVL2:SMURFATPFZD8 GNB2 GNG12 TCF/LEF:CTNNB1WNT5A/11:FZDGNB3 CALM1 CAMK2:CaMPLCB3 PSMD14 cGMPGNAT2 GNG8 GNG2 ITPR2 FZD4 PSMC1 GNAO1 UBC(305-380) PPP3R1 pp-DVL3 PRKG dimerADPITPR1 pp-DVL3 PhosphatidylserineGNB5 FZD2 FZD5 GNG8 ATPWNT5A-binding FZDsCalcineurin:Calmodulin (CaN:CaM)ADPPPP3CB p-T298-NLK NFATC1:CaN:CaMCTNNB1 Zn2+ ppDVL:DAAM1:PFN1GNB1 DAAM1 Ca2+ Fe3+ GNAT2:PDE6CALM1 PSMD6 PPP3CB G-proteinbeta-gamma:PLC beta1/2/3Mg2+ TCF7L2 pp-DVL2 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT5A(36-380) GNG12 p-DVL3 GNG5 p-TCF/LEF:CTNNB1GNGT2 p-DVL2 GNG4 FZD2 AXIN2 mRNA UBC(533-608) N4GlycoAsn-PalmSWNT5A(36-380)FZD6 RAC2 CLTB DAG FZD1 GNB1 CLTA 'canonical'WNTtargetgenes:TCF/LEF:CTNNB1CALM1 TCF7L2 GNGT2 VANGL2:SCRIB:FZD3ROR2 UBA52(1-76) p-S257-NFATC1 p-T298-NLK GTP GNG7 TNRC6C AP2A2(1-939) FZD1 pT155,S166-LEF1 pS5,S82,S84-VANGL2 Activated Proteinkinase C (alpha,beta, gammaisoforms)N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT5A(36-380) RHOA VANGL2 AP2M1 N4GlycoAsn-PalmSWNT5A:ROR2:p-VANGL2GNB3 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT5A(36-380) PSMD13 TCF7L1 PARD6A VANGL2 GNG2 p-T286,T305,T306-CAMK2ACAMK2APDE6A EIF2C2 FZD4 GNG13 RAC1 Ca2+ WNT/Ca2+ FZDsEIF2C1 CAMK2A HeterotrimericG-protein (o/t2)(inactive)Ca2+ RAC:GTPGTP PSMC6 FZD3 FZD5 ROR1 I(1,4,5)P3pp-DVL3 GNG5 GNB3 Calcineurin (CaN)GNG12 unknown kinaseGDP PSMA5 PDE6GNG4 ppDVL:RAC:GTPCa2+CLTB GNG2 UBC(381-456) Zn2+ ROR2GNG3 GTP DVL2UBC(229-304) pp-DVL2 p-DVLADPN4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT5A(36-380) GDPN4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT5B ATPFZD3 VANGL2 PSMD1 FZD5 TNRC6C WNT5A:FZDs/RORGNGT1 PPP3CA GNB4 SMURF2 FZD3 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT5A(36-380) Ca2+ EIF2C2 UbLEF1 DAAM1AP2M1 GNAT2 AP2A1 ROR2 FZD6 MAP3K7pT201,T212-TCF7L2 RHOA p-12S-NFATC1PPP3R1 'canonical' WNTtarget genetranscriptsN4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT5A(36-380) CALM1 GNG11 PRKG2 PRKG1 pp-DVL3 PSMD5 GNG2 FZD3 CAMK2A RHOA:GTP:Mg2+pp-DVL1 PPP3CA EIF2C1 AP2A2(1-939) PPP3CB pT497,T638,S657-PRKCA miR-92b PSME3 FZD4SCRIB GNAT2 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT5A(36-380) FZD3AP2B1 p-S257-NFATC1 CALM1 PDE6G PSMD10 NLK mRNAPPP3CA TCF7L1 GNG8 GNB3 WNT5A/11:FZD:G-protein (alpha o/t2) activep-T286,T305,T306-CAMK2A N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT11 FZD7 FZD2 ADPGNB4 ATPp-DVL2 GNG10 GNAO1 G-protein alpha(o/t2)FZD6 PSMB2 RYK AP2A1 PRICKLE1GNG7 SMURF1 GNG13 PSMD9 GTPPSMA4 GNG13 pp-DVL2 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT5A(36-380) NLKPSMA1 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT4 AP2A2(1-939) N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT11 Fe3+ UBC(457-532) 'canonical' WNTtarget genesI(1,4,5)P3 AP2M1 CLTA ADPGNB2 AP2A1 FZD5 PSMD2 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT5A(36-380) PDE6B p-T286 CAMK2:CaMPSMA7 PSMC3 p-T286,305,306-CAMK2:MAP3K7GNB2 GNG11 NLK mRNA:miR-92bRISCPLCB2 PSMD8 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT5B GNB1 PSMD3 EIF2C4 Ca2+FZD6 MOV10 MOV10 GNG7 cGMP UBC(153-228) GNGT1 TNRC6A PSMB7 H2OPRKCG GTP CLTC WNT5A:FZD4:p-DVL2:AP-2:clathrinGTP unknown kinasePCP pathway WNTsSMURFGNGT2 ppDVL:DAAM1WNT5A:FZDPSMB5 RAC3 TNRC6B PRKCB N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT5A(36-380) Fe3+ p-DVL2 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT5A(36-380) GNGT1 PSMB4 miR-92b RISCPSMB10 NFATC1:CaN:CaMFZD7 p-DVL2 FZD8 FZD5 Ca2+ CALM1 WNT5A:FZD4:DVL2GNG3 PSMB3 GNG3 FZD4 FZD3 FZD1 PSMD7 SHFM1 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT11 PSMB1 FZD2 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT11 PRKCA pp-DVL3 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT1 pT298-NLK dimerWNT5A/WNT11RYKGNAT2 FZD4 FZD3 GNG7 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT5B MYC gene AXIN2 gene SCRIB PSMB11 GNG7 Fe3+ IP3 receptorhomotetramerGNG2 GNB5 GNG3 p-T187-MAP3K7RAC2 FZD7 pp-DVL1 PSMA8 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT1 PARD6A ATPPARD6A PLCB3 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT5A(36-380) TCF/LEF:CTNNB1N4GlycoAsn-PalmS-WNT5A:RYK:VANGL2Mg2+ FZD5 ADPAP2S1 GNG12 FZD1 FZD4 DAGH2OITPR2 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT4 PFN1 PSMD11 MYC mRNA GNG5 N4GlycoAsn-PalmSWNT5A:ROR2:VANGL2TCF dependentsignaling inresponse to WNTN4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT11 GNG10 ATPFZD2 FZD5 p-T286,T305,T306-CAMK2A G-protein beta-gammacomplexCTNNB1 ROR2 PSMF1 FZD6 AXIN2 gene GTP FZD6 GNG12 PSME1 PFN1ATPGNG10 FZD4 ROR2 Ca2+ FZD3 FZD7 GNG4 p-DVL2 PSME4 AP2B1 GNG3 GNG13 26S proteasomePDE6B ROR1 unknown kinaseGNAO1 GNB5 GNG5 EIF2C4 FZD2 PLC-beta 1/2/3VANGL2:SCRIBPSMD12 SCRIBITPR3 WNT:FZDN4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT11 UBC(1-76) CLTA WNT5A:FZD4:p-DVL2:ARRB2:AP-2:clathrinTNRC6B ppDVL:DAAM1:RHOA:GTPunknown kinaseITPR3 FZD6 FZD2 PSME2 GNB3 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT5A(36-380) ROR2 ub-PRICKLE1PSMA6 GDP DAG PPP3R1 FZD3 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT4 p-T286-CAMK2A CTNNB1 pp-DVL1 DAAM1 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT5A(36-380) FZD4 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT5A(36-380) p-S-DVL1 ADPGNB5 PSMB8 GNB2 UBB(153-228) PRKG2 activated PKC alphaGNGT2 NLK mRNA PCP pathway FZDsLEF1 FZD4 pp-DVL2 PARD6A:p-DVL2SMURF1 Phosphatidylserine PSMD4 UBC(77-152) UBB(77-152) CLTC CTNNB1 PSMB9 UBB(1-76) ADPRAC1 GNGT2 Phosphatidylserine GNAT2 TCF7 ATPWNT5A:FZDs/RORPSMC2 LEF1 FZD4 FZD5 GTP EIF2C3 GNAT2:GTPGNGT1 ITPR:I(1,4,5)P3tetramerGNG5 GNGT1 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT5A(36-380) GNB4 GNG8 p-DVL3 p-DVL2 GNB4 CALM1:4xCa2+SMURF2 Ca2+ PARD6A:pp-DVL2GMPPLCB1 Zn2+ miR-92b PSMB6 ATPPRKG homodimer:cGMPDAAM1 EIF2C3 PPP3R1 GNB1 PRKG1 CLTC AP2S1 ADPpT497,T638,S657-PRKCAGNG4 VANGL2 PSMA2 GNG4 FZD3 clathrin:AP-2GNG8 FZD2 PI(4,5)P2AP2S1 CLTB RPS27A(1-76) Zn2+ pp-DVL2 FZD4 PSMC4 GNG10 pp-DVL2 PDE6A PDE6G ARRB2FZD5 FZD1 ROR1 FZD2/FZD5/ROR2N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT1 GNB5 ITPR1 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS-WNT5A:FZD4VANGL2WNT5A/11:FZD:G-protein (alpha o/t2) inactivep-S-DVL1 pp-DVL1 Ca2+ FZD7 MAP3K7 GNG13 FZD2 PPP3CB N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT11 TCF7L2 GNG11 PLCB1 RAC3 GNB4 AP2B1 FZD3 PiN4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT5A(36-380) MYC gene TNRC6A WNT5A:FZD4:p-DVL2pT298-NLK dimerDVL2 UBC(609-684) pp-DVLGNG11 PSMC5 GNAT2 N4GlycoAsn-PalmS WNT5A(36-380) PPP3CA ARRB2 GNB1 pp-DVL2 13, 33, 7315, 10946, 95953, 37, 59, 68, 105...2415, 109