Nodal Signaling Pathway (Danio rerio)

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1IFN-TGF-betaTNF-alphatype InucleusBMPcofactorsEGFgNODAL genescoactivatorstype IInodalmesodermendodermrelateddouble unigenesresponsive genesfoxh1 / surube2d1Foxh1 / suroeptcf7/tcf1lft2ERK1 / mapk3men1p300a - Dr.67573smad4bon / mixerlft2p300smad3bneurog1smurf1sox32 / casdlx1asmad3alft2tcfl1bsmad2vedFoxh1 / surtcfl1asmad5CBP / crebbpERK2 / mapk1smad2smad2bon / mixercyc / foxa / ndr2smad5TGIFsmad1lft1 / antivinsqt / foxa3 / ndr1smad7foxg1p300 - similarsmad5flhsmad5lft1 / antivincdx4myoDp300cyc / foxa / ndr2Foxh1 / surNFkB2MITFasmad2neurog1axial / FOXA2oepcatvoxacvr1b / TARAMAjunboeprunx2b/cbfa3snip1acvr2bsmad5cyc / foxa /ndr2Rasgata5 / fausmad2smad3asox17sox32 / casneurog1cyc / foxa / ndr2smad6ajunBAMBIlft1 / antivinp300 - pred.smad2lef1lft1 / antivincldndsmad4dharma / bozsqt / foxa3 / ndr1NFkB1sox32 / caslim1 / lhx1ajunbldharma / bozsmad2stat3myoDlft1 / antivinntlsmad3bsqt / foxa3 / ndr1bhikstat1taf5lskiBneurog1p300 - similartbx16 / sptrunx2a/cbfa1pcdh8 / papccyc / foxa /ndr2pax6acyc / foxa /ndr2runx2b/cbfa1acvr2ap300 - Dr.161135bon / mixerp300b - Dr.162298vent


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  1. Krens SF, Corredor-Adamez M, He S, Snaar-Jagalska BE, Spaink HP; ''ERK1 and ERK2 MAPK are key regulators of distinct gene sets in zebrafish embryogenesis.''; BMC Genomics, 2008 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
BAMBIGeneProduct83496 (Entrez Gene)
CBP / crebbpGeneProductGENE-050208-439 (Other)
ERK1 / mapk3GeneProduct399480 (Entrez Gene)
ERK2 / mapk1GeneProduct360144 (Entrez Gene)
Foxh1 / surGeneProduct327135 (Entrez Gene) FAST1 (fast1) (foxh1)
Foxh1 / surGeneProduct337369 (Entrez Gene) Forkhead box H1, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:55221 IMAGE:2639305) (foxh1)
Foxh1 / surGeneProductDr.8327 (UniGene) Forkhead box H1 (foxh1), mRNA (foxh1) - forkhead box H1 / schmalspur (sur)
MITFaGeneProduct30080 (Entrez Gene)
NFkB1GeneProduct565756 (Entrez Gene)
NFkB2GeneProduct415100 (Entrez Gene)
TGIFGeneProduct321756 (Entrez Gene)
acvr1b / TARAMAGeneProduct30183 (Entrez Gene)
acvr2aGeneProduct338214 (Entrez Gene) Activin receptor IIA (acvr2a)
acvr2bGeneProduct80357 (Entrez Gene) ctivin receptor IIb (acvr2b), mRNA (acvr2b)
axial / FOXA2GeneProduct30126 (Entrez Gene)
bhikGeneProduct64281 (Entrez Gene) Bhikhari (bhik), mRNA (bhik)
bon / mixerGeneProduct336263 (Entrez Gene) Homeodomain transcription factor Mixer (mix) (bon)
bon / mixerGeneProduct492490 (Entrez Gene) Homeodomain transcription factor Mixer (mix) (bon)
bon / mixerGeneProductDr.81305 (UniGene)
catGeneProduct368234 (Entrez Gene) Catalase (cat)
cdx4GeneProduct30330 (Entrez Gene)
cldndGeneProduct286779 (Entrez Gene) Claudin-like gene, clone ZF-A89 (cldnd) - anosmin1 precursor
cyc / foxa / ndr2GeneProduct195823 (Entrez Gene)
cyc / foxa / ndr2GeneProduct30292 (Entrez Gene)
cyc / foxa / ndr2GeneProduct492721 (Entrez Gene)
cyc / foxa /ndr2GeneProduct30292 (Entrez Gene)
cyc / foxa /ndr2GeneProduct564119 (Entrez Gene)
dharma / bozGeneProduct30170 (Entrez Gene)
dlx1aGeneProduct30216 (Entrez Gene) Dlx1 (dlx1a)
flhGeneProduct30260 (Entrez Gene) flh: Floating head (flh), mRNA
foxg1GeneProductDr.75832 (UniGene) foxg1 / BF1
foxh1 / surGeneProduct57930 (Entrez Gene)
gata5 / fauGeneProduct30482 (Entrez Gene)
junGeneProductDr.1064 (UniGene)
junbGeneProduct407086 (Entrez Gene)
junblGeneProduct336038 (Entrez Gene)
lef1GeneProductDr.64686 (UniGene)
lft1 / antivinGeneProduct114417 (Entrez Gene)
lft1 / antivinGeneProduct327065 (Entrez Gene)
lft1 / antivinGeneProductENSDARG00000019920 (Ensembl)
lft2GeneProduct30146 (Entrez Gene) Lefty2 (lft2), mRNA (lft2)
lft2GeneProduct336233 (Entrez Gene) Signaling molecule lefty2 (lft2) (lft2)
lft2GeneProduct393724 (Entrez Gene) Lefty2 (lft2), mRNA (lft2)
lim1 / lhx1aGeneProduct30463 (Entrez Gene)
men1GeneProduct321622 (Entrez Gene) Menin (men1 gene) (men1)
myoDGeneProduct30513 (Entrez Gene)
myoDGeneProduct664740 (Entrez Gene)
neurog1GeneProduct30269 (Entrez Gene) Neurogenin 1, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:76812 IMAGE:6963393) (neurog1)
neurog1GeneProduct30475 (Entrez Gene) Neurogenin 1, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:76812 IMAGE:6963393) (neurog1)
neurog1GeneProduct393697 (Entrez Gene) Neurogenin 1 (neurog1), mRNA (neurog1)
neurog1GeneProduct58121 (Entrez Gene) Neurogenin (neurog1)
ntlGeneProduct30399 (Entrez Gene) ntl: No tail (ntl), mRNA
oepGeneProduct30346 (Entrez Gene) One-eyed pinhead long form protein (oep)
oepGeneProduct30406 (Entrez Gene) One-eyed pinhead short form protein (oep)
oepGeneProduct386614 (Entrez Gene) One-eyed pinhead (oep), mRNA (oep)
p300 - Dr.161135GeneProductDr.161135 (UniGene)
p300 - pred.GeneProduct327385 (Entrez Gene)
p300 - similarGeneProduct337477 (Entrez Gene)
p300 - similarGeneProduct337578 (Entrez Gene)
p300a - Dr.67573GeneProduct
p300b - Dr.162298GeneProductDr.162298 (UniGene)
pax6aGeneProduct30567 (Entrez Gene)
pcdh8 / papcGeneProduct30456 (Entrez Gene)
runx2a/cbfa1GeneProduct405784 (Entrez Gene)
runx2b/cbfa1GeneProductDr.30423 (UniGene)
runx2b/cbfa3GeneProductDr.82593 (UniGene)
skiBGeneProduct30113 (Entrez Gene)
smad1GeneProduct30628 (Entrez Gene)
smad2GeneProduct30639 (Entrez Gene)
smad2GeneProduct323832 (Entrez Gene) Transcription factor Smad2 (smad2)
smad2GeneProduct324790 (Entrez Gene) Smad2 protein (smad2) (smad2)
smad2GeneProduct326879 (Entrez Gene) MAD homolog 2 (Drosophila), mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:113963 IMAGE:7395088) (smad2)
smad2GeneProduct393344 (Entrez Gene) MAD homolog 2 (Drosophila) (smad2), mRNA (smad2)
smad3aGeneProduct58092 (Entrez Gene)
smad3bGeneProduct326283 (Entrez Gene)
smad4GeneProduct559111 (Entrez Gene)
smad4GeneProductDr.8327 (UniGene)
smad5GeneProduct30641 (Entrez Gene)
smad5GeneProduct393459 (Entrez Gene) MAD homolog 5 (Drosophila), mRNA
smad5GeneProduct415211 (Entrez Gene) Mad-related protein Smad5 (smad5) (smad5)
smad5GeneProduct553171 (Entrez Gene) MAD homolog 5 (Drosophila) (smad5), mRNA (smad5)
smad5GeneProduct58093 (Entrez Gene) MAD homolog 5 (Drosophila), mRNA
smad6aGeneProduct116992 (Entrez Gene)
smad7GeneProduct326282 (Entrez Gene)
snip1GeneProduct474374 (Entrez Gene)
sox17GeneProduct30544 (Entrez Gene) sox17: SRY-box containing gene 17, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:91776
sox32 / casGeneProduct116990 (Entrez Gene) sox32: SRY-box containing gene 32, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:114019
sox32 / casGeneProduct322641 (Entrez Gene) Sox transcription factor 226D7 (sox32)
sox32 / casGeneProduct664758 (Entrez Gene) SRY-box containing gene 32, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:114019 IMAGE:7450460) (sox32)
sqt / foxa3 / ndr1GeneProduct
sqt / foxa3 / ndr1GeneProduct336281 (Entrez Gene)
sqt / foxa3 / ndr1GeneProductDr.81188 (UniGene)
stat1GeneProduct30768 (Entrez Gene)
stat3GeneProduct30767 (Entrez Gene)
taf5lGeneProduct334055 (Entrez Gene)
tbx16 / sptGeneProduct30264 (Entrez Gene)
tcf7/tcf1GeneProduct497649 (Entrez Gene)
tcfl1aGeneProductDr.79155 (UniGene)
tcfl1bGeneProduct30556 (Entrez Gene)
ube2d1GeneProduct324015 (Entrez Gene)
vedGeneProduct368201 (Entrez Gene)
ventGeneProduct64810 (Entrez Gene)
voxGeneProduct64807 (Entrez Gene)

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