Cellular response to heat stress (Homo sapiens)

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6, 494040494415, 49, 5323, 352013, 31343617, 45, 544925292511, 34, 51, 5414, 12, 14, 16, 20...1815, 24, 4334, 542231, 5550, 56349, 10, 27, 30, 328, 5238, 49STRESScytosolSTRESSnucleoplasmNUP43 HSPA1B HSP90AA1 HSPA8 DNAJB1 HSPA8 HSP70s:ADPHSPA9 HSPA14 HSPA13 HSP70s:ADPFKBP4 p-S230-hC36,103-HSF1 p-T287-CAMK2D PTGES3 SERPINH1 gene NUP214 DNAJB6 gene DNAJB6 gene HSPA1A RLN1 gene HSPA2 p-T,Y MAPK dimersHSP90:FKBP4:PTGES3ATP HSPA1 gene HSPA1A p-S303,307-HSF1:YWHAENuclear Pore Complex(NPC)HSPA1B HSF1:HSP90:PTGES3HSF1 target geneHSP90AA1 hC36,103-HSF1 p-T185,Y187-MAPK1 p-S121-HSF1HSBP2 gene HSPA1A NUP133 NUP107 HSPA8 HSPA6 ATPHSPA12B NUP98-5 HSBP1 HSPH1 gene hC36,103-HSF1 VCP HSP90AA1 HSPH1 gene Hikeshi FKBP4 gene DNAJB6 DNAJB6 gene YWHAE HSPH1 HSP90AB1 hC36,103-HSF1 HSF1trimer:HSP90:FKBP4:PTGES3EEF1A1HSBP1:HSF1 trimerHSF1HSPA1A HSP90AA1 HSPA5 HSBP1 gene HSPA7 HSBP2 gene HSP90AA1 DNAJB1 gene COL4A6 gene HSPA14 RPA3 p-S303,307-HSF1HSPA13 FKBP4 PTGES3 CRYAB HSBP1 HSBP1 NUP98-4 PiHSF1 trimer:targetgeneHSPH1 gene NUP210 Ub-proteinaggregatesHSPA2 RPA1 HSPA14 UBB gene HSPA1A HSP70:DNAJB1HSBP2 gene HikeshiSIRT1RPA2 BAG1-5 p-S230-HSF1 trimerHSPA1B HSPA9 HSPA1 gene SIRT1 NUP62 VCP EP300 DNAJC2 p-S326-hC36,103-HSF1 HSP90AB1 ATP CoA-SHRPA3 HSPA1B DNAJB1,B6,C2,C7HSPA1L gene SERPINH1 gene HSPA7 hC36,103-HSF1 HSPA12A HSPA2 HSP90AB1 DBC1p-T202,Y204-MAPK3 HSPA4L HSBP2 gene HSPA1L gene HSF1 trimerHSPA6 gene HSPA9 MLST8 COL4A6 gene HSP70:DNAJB1:HSF1trimer:target geneHSP90AA1 p-T454-DBC1 HSPA4 HSPA1B HSPA6 gene HSPA4L TNFRSF21 gene HSPA2 HSPA7 HSPA1L PiHSPA13 HSBP1 gene HSPA1B PTGES3DNAJB6 gene HSP90:HSP90UBB gene PTGES3 HSPA1L MRPL18 gene FKBP4 gene ATM DNAJB1 p-T454-DBC1HSPA1B HSPA6 gene Nup45 ADPHSP90AB1 HSP70s:ATPhC36,103-HSF1 HSBP1 gene CRYBA4 gene HSPA2 HSPA4 HSPA12A p-T454-DBC1:SIRT1POM121 DEDD2 gene DNAJB1 gene DNAJC7 HSBP1 gene DNAJB1 gene RPS19BP1HSP90AB1 HSPA1L p-S303,307-HSF1 ST13 tetramerHSPA1B HSPA12B HSPA12B HSPA12B HDAC6 HSPA12A DNAJB1 GML gene HSPA1B HSBP2 gene HSP90AB1 HSPA1L HSPA6 gene NUP93 DEDD2 gene MTOR FKBP4 gene HSPA13 mTORC1 dimerHSPA1A Hikeshi:HSP70s:ATPGSK3BRPA1 ATPHSF1 HSBP2 gene HSP70:DNAJB1:Ac-K80-HSF1CaMKIIDNAJB1 gene PTGES3 PTGES3HSPA1A ADPDNAJB1,B6,C2,C7HSPA2 AAAS HSPA1 gene CRYBA4 gene HSPA1L DNAJB1 HSBP1 hexamerHSBP2 gene DNAJB1 HDAC6 RLN1 gene NUP155 ATM/ATR kinaseRANBP2 UBB gene DNAJB1 gene Ac-CoAHSPA5 NUPL2 HSPB8 HSPA1A HSPA12A ATP NUP54 COL4A6 gene HSPA7 Ac-K80-hC36,103-HSF1 HSF1:RPACOL4A6 gene HSPA5 HSP90AA1 SERPINH1 gene HSP90AB1 CRYBA4 gene GML gene HSPA8 HSF1 trimerGML gene DNAJB1 NUP37 CRYBA4 gene HSPA4L HSF1 HSPA2 TNFRSF21 gene MRPL18 gene ATR TNFRSF21 gene FKBP4 gene SERPINH1 gene DEDD2 gene HSPA2 NUP50 HSPA2 HSPA2 H2OUBB gene RLN1 gene HSPA1 gene HSPA14 NUPL1-2 p-S303-HSF1SERPINH1 gene ATPDNAJC2 NUP88 CRYBA4 gene TPR NUP98-3 HSPA1A NUP205 HSPA1L PTGES3 NUP85 MRPL18 gene HSF1 target geneHSF1:HSP90:HDAC6:VCP:PTGES3NUP160 H2OCREBBP HSF1HSP90AB1 HSPA4 TNFRSF21 gene HSPA5 HSPA9 HSBP2 gene p-T286-CAMK2A DNAJB1 HSF1:HSP90:PTGES3HSPA1 gene TNFRSF21 gene HSPH1 gene p-T287-CAMK2G Ac-K80-hC36,103-HSF1 HSBP2 gene MAPKAPK2UBB gene HSPA6 RLN1 gene POM121C ADPHSPA4 HSPA5 MRPL18 gene HSPA4L RPA2 HSPA1B RLN1 gene HSBP1 gene HSP70:DNAJB1:Ac-K80-HSF1 trimer:target genep-T287-CAMK2B HSPA8 Hikeshi SIRT1 HSPA7 HSF1 HSPA6 ATPHSPA13 2'-O-acetyl-ADP-riboseCOL4A6 gene NAMGML gene HSPA1L gene NAD+HSPA1L AKT1S1 Ac-K80-hC36,103-HSF1 HSPA1L Hikeshi:HSP70s:ATPHSPA1A HSPA4 hC36,103-HSF1 DNAJC7 HSPA6 DNAJB6 gene HSPH1 gene MRPL18 gene Heat shock inducibleproteinsHSPA1L gene HSPA6 gene DNAJB6 RLN1 gene hC36,103-HSF1 ADP GML gene GML gene RPTOR HSPA9 SIRT1:HSP70:DNAJB1:Ac-K80-HSF1:target geneHSPA6 gene HSPA8 FKBP4 gene HSPH1 gene HSPA1L YWHAE UBB gene HSP90AA1 MRPL18 gene HSPA8 DEDD2 gene HSBP2 gene HikeshiHSPA12A HSPA12B SERPINH1 gene COL4A6 gene NUP153 HSPA1L DEDD2 gene HSP90:HSP90HSPA1A CRYBA4 gene p-S307-HSF1HDAC6:VCP:proteinaggregatesADPHSPA8 DNAJB6 gene HSBP2 gene NUP188 HSPA14 HSPA1L gene HSPA1L gene HSPA4L HSPA1B RAE1 H2OST13 TNFRSF21 gene HSPA8 FKBP4 gene DNAJB1 gene DNAJB1 NUP35 HSP70 NEFsSEH1L-2 RPA heterotrimerHSPA1L HSPA8 NDC1 Ub-protein aggregates SIRT1HSBP1 gene p-S326-HSF1 trimerHSPA1 gene ADP HSBP2 gene CREBBP, EP300DEDD2 gene HSPA8 HSPA6 YWHAE dimer181, 23, 42, 482, 19, 28, 373632641, 53231, 23, 42, 481, 237541517, 4533, 47291, 23, 29, 42, 48507541, 5321