Signaling by FGFR1 (Homo sapiens)

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16, 28, 39, 45, 88...608, 24, 35, 11120, 6987, 102, 132, 14519, 69, 98, 1172, 61, 123, 129, 15387, 102, 132, 14564, 832, 100, 123, 129, 153...30, 52, 79, 85, 1313, 102, 12756, 15069, 97, 9831, 48, 912, 61, 123, 129, 1535, 14, 22, 16213, 21, 33, 36, 53...11, 68, 76127, 13255, 62, 104, 14652, 79, 85, 131, 1376015, 52, 79, 85781131, 42, 6887, 102, 14514, 19, 81, 983, 102, 12781, 117, 139102, 12730, 9378, 16329, 73, 74, 102, 110...78, 8698, 11790, 1039310, 18, 92, 1205, 14, 22, 10513, 36, 53, 80, 115...9, 13, 29, 46, 66...11214, 22, 1051, 6827, 29, 46, 108, 127...27, 47, 50, 75, 102...7, 43, 122, 136, 141...20, 109, 116, 14810, 18, 92, 12046, 87, 102, 127, 14540, 42, 6419, 392, 61, 123, 129, 153493, 102, 1276062, 104, 13919, 392, 61, 123, 129, 1536712, 26, 70, 72, 82...6, 23, 25, 71, 84...13, 8759, 9366, 13419, 3919, 22, 32, 69, 9729, 38, 110, 1666076, 1126763, 98, 14826, 72, 82, 96, 118...43cytosolFGF5-1 FGFRL1 ADPKL-1 FGF2(10-155) ADPFGF9 Activated FGFR1mutants andfusions:PLCG1activatedFGFR1:p-4Y-PLCG1FGF5-1 FGF3 FGF4 MYO18A-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion FGF2(10-155) GRB2:GAB2FGF5-1 PI(3,4,5)P3 p-8Y-FGFR1b ADPp-8Y-FGFR1c p-Y177-BCR-pY-FGFR1mutant:GRB2:p-GAB2:PIK3R1p-6Y-FRS2 FLRT1,2,3KL-1 FGF5-1 FGF3 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) HRAS ActivatedFGFR1:p-8T-FRS2HRAS GRB2-1 FGF17-1 FGF23(25-251) ADPFGF8-1 UBA52(1-76) GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) UBC(457-532) GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF3 p-Y55,Y227-SPRY2 UBC(153-228) FGF2(10-155) FGF22 FGF22 UBA52(1-76) TRIM24-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion FGF8-1 LRRFIP1-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion FGF23(25-251) FGF23(25-251) FGF22 FGF17-1 Activated FGFR1mutant dimers withenhanced kinaseactivityFGF3 FGF17-1 FGF4 FGF22 PIK3R1 FGF9 ATPPIK3R1 UBC(609-684) PIP3 activates AKTsignalingHS FGF9 PIK3R1SPRED2 STAT5A,STAT5BUBC(229-304) FGF3 FGF5-1 FGFR1c homodimerbound to FGFFGFR1 K656E UBC(1-76) FGF5-1 p-6Y-FRS2 KL-1 FGF17-1 KL-2 HS FGF8-1 cytosolic activated FGFR1 fusion mutants FGF22 FGF20 SPRY2 FGF23(25-251) FGF1 FGF9 UBC(457-532) p-8Y-FGFR1b FGF5-1 FGF10 FGF17-1 SHC1-2,SHC1-3UBC(1-76) FGFR1b homodimerbound to FGFFGF3 FGF10 PPP2CB FGF17-1 p-8Y-FGFR1c UBB(77-152) FGF5-1 Activated FGFR1 mutants KL-2 FGF10 PPP2CB FGF23(25-251) FGF2(10-155) p-Y371-CBL FGFR1b SHC1-2 p-S111,S120-SPRY2 FGF9 KL-2 CNTRL-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion FGF2(10-155) FGF9 UBB(153-228) FGFR1OP-p-FGFR1 fusion HSHS FGF23(25-251) SPRED2 FGF3 FGF20 BAG4(1-126):FGFR1(208-822) fusion ATPKL-1 PIK3R1 KL-1 p-8Y-FGFR1b UBC(229-304) UBC(533-608) FGF1 FGF6 PPP2R1A FGF17-1 FGF4 GRB2-1 FGF23(25-251) p-Y699-STAT5B ZMYM2-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion FGF18 PiUBB(77-152) PPP2CA FGF17-1 p-8Y-FGFR1c CUX1-FGFR1 fusion p-8Y-FGFR1c P252T UBC(77-152) FGFR1 N546K ATPKAL1 HS FGF22 FGFR1cFGF1 FGF8-1 UBC(229-304) FGF2(10-155) UBC(153-228) FGF6 UBC(457-532) RPS27A(1-76) FGF2(10-155) FGF4 FGF10 KL-1 p-4Y-PLCG1 SHC1-3 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF10 GRB2-1pY177-BCR-p-FGFR1 fusion ActivatedFGFR1:p-SHC1UBC(229-304) ADPFGF20 p-8Y-FGFR1b FGF9 p-8Y-FGFR1c FGF4 CUX1-FGFR1 fusion GTPFGF2(10-155) BCR-p-FGFR1 fusion FGF6 FGF9 HS SPRED1/2 dimerFGF6 KL-2 HS UBB(1-76) FGF5-1 FGF3 KL-1 FGF4 OverexpressedFGFR1:TKIsFGF20 FGF3 FGF8-1 p-6Y-FRS2 p-6Y-FRS2 FGF1 GRB2:GAB1FGF5-1 KL-1 FGF8-1 GRB2-1 FGF17-1 FGF10 CNTRL-FGFR1 fusion p-8Y-FGFR1c BCR-p-FGFR1 fusion FGF5-1 FGF6 FGF3 HS NRAS p-8Y-FGFR1c FGF8-1 HS p-Y701-STAT1 UBC(533-608) BCR-p-FGFR1 fusion FGF20 FGF17-1 p-8Y-FGFR1b PIK3CA FGF5-1 p-Y-GAB2 UbFGF8-1 PIK3CA KL-1 PPP2CA FGF6 HS FGF6 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) BCR-FGFR1 fusion FGF6 ATPFGF10 ActivatedFGFR1:p-FRS:p-PTPN11FGF20 UBB(1-76) ATPKAL1p-Y-GAB2 FGF4 FGF9 HS GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) p-8Y-FGFR1b UBC(381-456) GDP KL-2 FGF8-1 FGF9 UBC(457-532) FGF4 FGF1 UBC(77-152) FGF6 GAB1 p-8Y-FGFR1b FGF5-1 KL-1 FGF10 FGF9 FGFR1c P252X mutantsFGF17-1 p-Y546,Y584-PTPN11 FGF17-1 CNTRL-FGFR1 fusion Tyrosine kinaseinhibitors ofoverexpressed FGFR1FGFR1OP2-FGFR1 fusion UBC(533-608) FGF1 FRS3FGF2(10-155) FGF2(10-155) FGF9 FGFRL1 PI(3,4,5)P3 KL-1 FGF23(25-251) PLCG1 FGF4 BCR-p-FGFR1 fusionmutant dimerFGF3 FGF23(25-251) HS FGF9 FGF2(10-155) GAB1 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGFR1(22-763):TACC1(571-805) fusion FGF8-1 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) PP2A(A:C):SPRY2HS PPP2CB FGF8-1 UBC(381-456) FGF3 p-8Y-FGFR1b FGF22 p-8Y-FGFR1b Plasma membraneFGFR1 fusion dimersHS FGF22 Activated FGFR1:FRS3FGF8-1 PPP2CA FGF2(10-155) FGF17-1 FGF10 p-8Y-FGFR1c GRB2-1 FGF1 FGF3 UBC(609-684) pY177-BCR-p-FGFR1fusion mutant dimerFGF20 FGF23(25-251) KL-2 FGF6 p21 RAS:GTPFGF22 SRC-1ATPTRIM24-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion cytosolic p-FGFR1fusion mutantdimersY55/Y227-pSPRY2:CBLCBL UBB(1-76) UBB(153-228) CNTRL-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion FGF10 ATPERLIN2(1-185):FGFR1(c.-88-822) fusion FGF4 PIK3CAp-8Y-FGFR1b HS ZMYM2-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion p-6Y-FRS2 p-Y546,Y584-PTPN11 CPSF6-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion KL-2 FGF22 UBC(153-228) KL-1 BCR-p-FGFR1 fusion FGF3 FGF9 FGF3 FGF5-1 Ubp-T202,Y204-MAPK3 FGF22 KRAS p-8Y-FGFR1c ERLIN2(1-185):FGFR1(c.-88-822) fusion p-Y705-STAT3 KL-1 pY177-BCR-pY-FGFR1mutant:GRB2:p-GAB2FGF9 p-S111,S120-SPRY2ADPFGFR1OP2-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion RPS27A(1-76) ZMYM2-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion FGF20 GRB2-1 FGF17-1 FGF5-1 FGFR1OP-p-FGFR1 fusion p-8Y-FGFR1c FGF10 FGF8-1 PIK3R1 HS CNTRL-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion ADPUBC(77-152) HS HSFGF9 ATPp-5Y-FRS3 RAF/MAP kinasecascadep-8T-FRS2 FGF5-1 MYO18A-FGFR1 fusion FGFR1OP-p-FGFR1 fusion FGF23(25-251) FGF20 FGF3 SPRY2 p-8Y-FGFR1c FGF3 FGF6 FGFR1b-binding FGFsUBC(77-152) PIK3CA FGF22 ATPFGF3 FGFR1c:KAL1Activated FGFR1cP252X mutantsPPA2A (A:C):Y55/Y227p-SPRY2:GRB2KL-2 FGFR1OP2-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion FGF10 PPP2CA p-8Y-FGFR1 K656E PTPN11 FGF1 p-Y371-CBL p-6Y FGFR1(22-763):TACC1(571-805) fusion FGF8-1 FGF4 KL-1 FGF4 FGF17-1 FGF1 CBL FGFR1c P252T GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) KL-1 HSKL-2 ActivatedFGFR:p-FRS2:p-PTPN11:GRB2:GAB1:PIK3R1HS KL-2 p-8Y-FGFR1c p-Y-GAB2 GRB2-1 HS GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) UBC(381-456) FGF22 p-Y694-STAT5A KL-2 FGF2(10-155) GRB2-1 FGFR1OP-p-FGFR1fusion mutant dimerpY177-BCR-p-FGFR1 fusion PIK3R1 STAT5A GRB2-1 CBLKL-2 GRB2-1 SPRY2:B-RAFFGFR1c P252S p-8Y-FGFR1c p-8Y-FGFR1c FGF10 UBC(305-380) PPP2R1A FGF2(10-155) ActivatedFGFR1:p-FRS:PTPN11FGF3 FGF2(10-155) FGF4 MYO18A-FGFR1 fusion GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) TRIM24-FGFR1 fusion FGF1 p-8Y-FGFR1c KL-2 cytosolic p-FGFR1fusion mutantdimersp-8Y-FGFR1c FGF1 UBC(609-684) FGF2(10-155) FGF4 FGF6 FLRT1 UBC(305-380) p-8Y-FGFR1c FGF17-1 ActivatedFGFR1:p-FRS2FGFR1OP2-FGFR1 fusion FGF6 Tyrosine kinaseinhibitors of FGFR1fusion mutantsFGFR1 mutant dimerswith enhancedkinase activityFGF22 p-Y371-CBL:GRB2FGF20 FGF22 HS LRRFIP1-FGFR1 fusion HS HS ATPGAB1 UBC(153-228) ATPActivatedFGFR1:p-FRS3FGF22 FGFR1c P252R p-8Y-FGFR1c ADPFGF1 p-6Y-FRS2 STAT3 p-4Y-PLCG1GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) ZMYM2-FGFR1 fusion UBC(1-76) FGF4 UBB(153-228) p-8Y-FGFR1c p-8Y-FGFR1b KAL1:HSPP2A(A:C):Y55/Y227-pSPRY2GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGFR1c FLRT2 p-Y55,Y227-SPRY2 PP2A (A:C)FGF10 CPSF6-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion FGF5-1 p-8Y-FGFR1b FGF10 SOS1 FGF1 ATPUBB(1-76) FGF17-1 FGF20 FGF8-1 FGF8-1 SOS1 Overexpressed FGFR1homodimersFGF4 pY177-BCR1-p-FGFR1mutant:GRB2:GAB2p-6Y-FRS2 Plasma membrane p-YFGFR1 fusion dimersFGF10 pY177-BCR-p-FGFR1 fusion p-Y371-CBL Activated FGFR1p-Y546,Y584-PTPN11 PIK3R1 CUX1-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion PP2A(A:C):S112/S121-pSPRY2FGFR1OP2-FGFR1 fusion FGF10 p-6Y-FRS2 FLRT1 FGF5-1 FGF20 FGF20 ERLIN2(1-185):p-8Y FGFR1(c.-88-822) fusion p-8Y-FGFR1b FGF20 FGF23(25-251) FRS2 FGF3 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGFR1b FGF8-1 UBC(1-76) FGFR1 R576W p-8Y-FGFR1c FGF23(25-251) FGF9 p-6Y-FRS2 FGF9 FGF4 FGFR1b FGF17-1 FGF4 CNTRL-FGFR1 fusion PPP2R1A LRRFIP1-FGFR1 fusion p-6Y-FRS2 LRRFIP1-FGFR1 fusion p-STAT5A, p-STAT5BLRRFIP1-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGFR1c homodimerATPFGF5-1 p-Y55,Y227-SPRY2 FGF9 FGF4 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FRS3 FGF20 PPP2R1A KL-1 p-8Y-FGFR1b FGFRL1-bindingFGFs:FGFRL1 dimerKL-2 FGF1 FGF17-1 FGF9 cytosolic FGFR1fusion mutantsFGF5-1 KL-1 KL-1 UBC(533-608) DAG and IP3signalingPPA2A(A:C):S112/S115p-SPRY2FGF6 FGF3 RPS27A(1-76) MYO18A-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion FGF1 GRB2-1 HS p-8Y-FGFR1c P252S UBB(153-228) BAG4(1-126):FGFR1(208-822) fusion UBB(77-152) p-Y546,Y584-PTPN11 FGF20 UBC(609-684) SPRED1 p-8Y-FGFR1c ADPATPFGF20 PTPN11FGF22 FGF2(10-155) GTP FGF6 FGF10 FGF10 p-8Y-FGFR1c FGF1 p-8Y-FGFR1 N546K PPP2CB FGF10 FGF22 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) ADPp-Y546,Y584-PTPN11 KL-2 p-T,Y MAPK dimersFGF17-1 p-T250,T255,T385,S437-MKNK1FGFR1c p-Y239,Y240,Y317-SHC1-2 FGF5-1 FGF5-1 PI(3,4,5)P3ADPCUX1-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion FGF2(10-155) UBC(1-76) ADPFGF20 UBA52(1-76) ADPActivated FGFR1cbound toFGF23:KlothoFGFRL1 FGF23(25-251) FGF9 ATPFGFR1bUBC(457-532) FGF6 GRB2-1 UBA52(1-76) PPP2CB FGF5-1 UBC(305-380) ADPUBC(153-228) FGF1 FGFR1 K656E FGF23(25-251) ADPFGF20 KL-1 FGF10 FGFR1OP2-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion FGF18 FGF9 FGF20 ATPUBC(533-608) FGF1 FGF10 p-8Y-FGFR1c p-8Y-FGFR1b PPP2CB ActivatedFGFR1:p-FRS2:GRB2:SOS1GRB2-1 FGF9 ADPp-6Y-FRS2 FGF22 ActivatedFGFR1:p-FRSFGF9 PIK3R1 KL-2 UBC(609-684) FGF1 FGF6 FGF22 HS HS FGF9 FGF8-1 ActivatedoverexpressedFGFR1c homodimerActivatedFGFR1:p-SHC1:GRB2:SOS1FGFR1OP-FGFR1 fusion p-8Y-FGFR1b FGF8-1 KL-2 BRAFp-4Y-PLCG1 FGF6 UBA52(1-76) FGF2(10-155) FGF5-1 GRB2:GAB1:PIK3R1PPP2R1A FGF6 BAG4(1-126):p-8Y FGFR1(208-822) fusion KL-1 BRAF GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGFR1 R576W FGF1 activatedFGFR1:PLCG1FGF2(10-155) FGF2(10-155) KL-1 FGF9 FGF5-1 KL-2 FGF6 FGF1 S111/S120p-SPRY2:B-RAFFGFR1c FGF2(10-155) FGF23(25-251) FGF2(10-155) FGF4 UBB(1-76) FGF22 Klotho bound toFGF23ADPFGF4 FGF2(10-155) FGF17-1 cytosolic activated FGFR1 fusion mutants FGF1 FGF1 Ub-Activated FGFR1complex:Ub-p-FRS2FGF23(25-251) SHC1-2 ATPKL-1 FGF2(10-155) TRIM24-FGFR1 fusion GAB1 ActivatedFGFR1:p-FRS2:p-PTPN11RPS27A(1-76) PPP2R1A FRS2FGF1 cytosolic FGFR1fusion mutantdimersFGF10 PIK3R1 Ub:Y55/Y227-pSPRY2:CBLp-6Y-FRS2 KL-1 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) PPP2CA p-Y194,Y195,Y272-SHC1-3 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) GRB2-1 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) KAL1 FGF17-1 GRB2-1:SOS1p-8Y-FGFR1b FGF22 Activated FGFR1mutants andfusion:p-PLCG1cytosolic activated FGFR1 fusion mutants UBC(77-152) FGFR1OP-p-FGFR1 fusion p-8Y-FGFR1b ATPBCR-FGFR1 fusion ATPFGF20 FGF8-1 FGF2(10-155) FGF20 TRIM24-FGFR1 fusion FGF22 CPSF6-FGFR1 fusion FGF6 UBB(77-152) Ub-(Y55/Y227)p-SPRY2FGF2(10-155) KL-2 LRRFIP1-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion GRB2-1 p-5Y-FRS3 FGF23(25-251) ActivatedFGFR1:p-FRS2:GRB2:GAB1:PIK3R1FGFR1c P252S UBB(77-152) Activated FGFR1mutants and fusionsp-8Y-FGFR1c ZMYM2-FGFR1 fusion FGF20 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) p-T185,Y187-MAPK1 UBC(229-304) CPSF6-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion FGF8-1 FGF9 HS FGF20 FGF17-1 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF5-1 HS HS CUX1-FGFR1 fusion CPSF6-FGFR1 fusion p-8Y-FGFR1c NRAS p-Y239,Y240,Y317-SHC1-2 Activated FGFR1 mutants FGF20 FGF4 FGF20 p-5Y-FRS3 FGFR1OP2-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion p-8Y-FGFR1b FGF1 FGF23 bound toKlotho and FGFR1cFGF8-1 FGF3 FGFRL1 dimerp-FGFR1 mutantfusions:PI3KGAB2 FGF10 FGFR1 N546K GRB2-1 FGF4 FGF1 HS p-8Y-FGFR1b FGF22 SPRED1 ZMYM2-FGFR1 fusion FGFR1c pY-STAT1,3FGF2(10-155) FGFR1c P252R TRIM24-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion STAT1,3STAT1 KL-2 FGF22 FGF22 p-S112,S115-SPRY2 GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) FGF4 FGF17-1 KL-2 FGF3 PIK3CA FGF1 GRB2-1 BCR-p-FGFR1 fusion FGF2(10-155) HS HSFGF4 FGF3 FGFR1OP-FGFR1 fusion FGF23(25-251) UBC(305-380) FGF17-1 FGF22 plasma membraneFGFR1 fusionsHS FGF4 FGFR1c P252T CUX1-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion GAB2 FGF4 FGF1 GAB1 UBC(381-456) PPP2CB FGF2(10-155) UBB(153-228) FGFR1 fusion mutantdimers:TKIsActivated FGFR1 mutants FGF6 FGF3 FLRT2 FLRT3 KL-2 FGF23(25-251) p-8Y-FGFR1c ADPFGF9 FGF5-1 GAB1 FGF20 FGF6 PLCG1FGF10 FGFRL1-binding FGFsFGF4 FGFR1c KL-1 SHC1-3 FGF17-1 FGF2(10-155) p-Y194,Y195,Y272-SHC1-3 FGF20 FGFR1OP-FGFR1 fusion PIK3R1 Activated FGFR1:FLRTFGF1 GRB2-1 p-8Y-FGFR1b KL-1 MYO18A-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion p-8Y- FGFR1 R576W FGF6 pY177-BCR-p-FGFR1 fusion FGF8-1 KRAS FGF23(25-251) FGF10 ADPKL-1 SPRY2 FGFR1(22-763):TACC1(571-805) fusion p-Y55,Y227-SPRY2 KL-2 FGF3 FGF17-1 FGF23(25-251) GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) p-8Y-FGFR1b GRB2-1 PLCG1 p-8Y-FGFR1b GalNAc-T178-FGF23(25-251) HS p-Y546,Y584-PTPN11 FGF5-1 KL-2 UBC(381-456) ActivatedoverexpressedFGFR1b homodimerFGF17-1 Activated FGFR1:FRS2HS PPP2CA FGFRL1dimer:SPRED1/2dimerFGF22 STAT5B FGF23(25-251) FGF6 PPP2R1A p-8Y-FGFR1b ATPFGF8-1 FGF2(10-155) FGF6 pY177-BCR-pY-FGFR1mutant:GRB2:p-GAB1:PI3KpY177-BCR-p-FGFR1 fusion FGF4 FGF8-1 BRAF p-8Y-FGFR1b ADPFGF6 FGF23(25-251) p-8Y-FGFR1c ZMYM2-p-2Y-FGFR1 fusion CPSF6-FGFR1 fusion HS FGFR